Sunday, November 3, 2013

Million Mask March.Dam Tuesday 5th november remember remember!

  • Tuesday 14:00
De Dam
Hello world and others that are reading this

the event is to show the 1% we are here to stay but not to stand by as other humans get wrongfully killed. we are born into this world as humans, our first rule when are born, is to save humanity from the evil.
When governments around, where made to help and save the people, we lived by that as we grew up, but to wake up and get tried of the lies, we must stand as ONE, for we are many.

"weapons of war do not belong on our streets"- Obama
in a lot of states, people have seen and recorded video, of tanks, UN cars, Medical cars, Missile battery's, coming on trains.

no government is going to tell anyone how to live, what too eat, how to dress, act normal, go too school to only find out, school is not teaching kids, to grow up and be what ever you want too be, but instead tell you how to live you're life.

the media and the government stages acts, to scare people into thinking that we are at war with other people, but in fact, want people to be controlled, to have you believe in what the media say's. when in fact, the government tells them when to speak and when not too speak, and cut some one off when they are speaking out.

this march is not going to happen in one state, or city, but the world, in every city, and state their is, you're job is to go out and tell everyone about what the government is not telling them.

it's time to take back what is right, and what is OURS and that's OUR FREEDOM, OUR HUMAN RIGHTS. it's time for a real change.

to the 1% you should have expected US.

**date may change depending if it's the right time**
**please again share event**

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