Monday, August 12, 2013

Huge threat to Avaaz from Gmail. Act quickly in easy way now

Hey Avaazers,

Avaaz faces one of our biggest threats ever, and surprisingly, it's coming from Gmail!

Gmail has made a change to its system which experts say could de-prioritize Avaaz emails, hiding them from members like you and millions of others who want to take action to build a brighter world. But email experts say that if enough Avaaz members take 5 seconds to respond to this email -- we can keep campaigning together.

Here's all you have to do: REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE by clicking "Reply" right now and pressing "Send". If you're lost for words -- you can say: "Hi Avaaz." Once you've sent the message you're all done.

Replying now is the simplest way to send a signal to Gmail that you want to receive Avaaz emails. And if we all do, it could show Gmail that Avaaz is valuable, and help ensure that thousands of members who might miss this email to still receive Avaaz alerts, and have a chance to continue to take action with us.

It's simple -- if we can't connect, our power to join across borders, races, and religions is broken. Let's stay connected!

With excitement for the new campaigns we can win together,

Alice, Oli, Matt, Ian, Antonia, Allison, Ben, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


A new inbox format by Google looks set to lump Avaaz emails into the same corporate category -- called 'Promotions' -- as fire sales and fashion. It's designed to be the last place people look when they open their email and would mean many Avaaz members miss crucial and timely opportunities to campaign.

The impact on Avaaz could be massive. Expert studies of the new Gmail inbox show that hundreds of thousands of Avaazers could miss opportunities to campaign each week. This is just the beginning, as other email providers like Hotmail and Yahoo are likely to follow hot on Gmail's heels.

If every Avaaz member with Gmail takes these quick steps right now we could help ensure Avaazers of today and tomorrow can keep campaigning and creating the world we all want.

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