Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ecotopia Theatre.Zajezova.Slovakia 2006


is (now was) a meeting of people from all over Europe involved or interested in environmental and social justice issues. It takes place every summer since 1989, each year in a different country. It is organised by EYFA (European Youth For Action) and by a local grassroots environmental organisation as host organisation. This year, the 18th edition will take place in Slovakia.

Ecotopia is a place for learning, exchanging experiences and spreading information about environmental, social, political and other issues. Around 200 - 600 people attends Ecotopia each year, to share skills and discuss about a wide range of themes related to environmental problems (climate change, transport and mobility, GMOs, organic food, le infrastructure, etc), global politics and global economic system, strategies for actions, campaigns, alternative media, migration, racism and xenophobia, cultural issues....

Ecotopia is a self-sustainable community that puts into practice the principles of an environmentally friendly life-style: waste recycling, vegetarian/vegan kitchen, the use of alternative energy...Where possible, Ecotopians participate in regional actions and clean ups, try to get local people interested in ecological problems and empower local organizations. Ekotopia is horizontally and self-organised; everyone is asked to take part in running the camp, decision-making and solving problems.

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