Friday, October 26, 2012

CrimethInc. European Speaking Tour Interview

CrimethInc. European Speaking Tour


For the next two months, CrimethInc. operatives are conducting a speaking tour in Europe to support the recent publication of CrimethInc. texts in German, Serbo-Croat, Russian, Finnish, and other languages. The discussions will draw on the past decade and a half of CrimethInc. activity to discuss liberation and anarchist strategy in the changing context of the 21st century.

Email with questions or suggestions.
27.10. – Hamburg (LIZ)
28.10. – Flensburg (Infoladen Subtilus)
29.10. – Copenhagen (Ungdomshuset)
29.10. – Malmo (Amalthea Bokkafé)
31.10. – Stockholm (discussion of anarchism and sobriety)
01.11. – Stockholm (regular presentation)
05.11. – Tampere
06.11. – Tampere
07.11. – Jyvaskyla (Vakiopaine)
08.11. – Turku
09.11. – Helsinki (University)
12.11. – Jönköping
13.11. – Gothenburg
14.11. – Oslo
16.11. – Aalborg (1000Fryd)
19.11. – Berlin (Laidak)

Presentation Summary

Since the mid-1990s, CrimethInc. has been one of the most prolific and ambitious anarchist projects in North America. Participants have crisscrossed the continent for countless tours and actions; produced books, magazines, and other literature, including 650,000 copies of the primer Fighting for Our Lives; and reported from the front lines of summit protests, riots, anti-repression campaigns, and other adventurous experiments. Always controversial, CrimethInc. has earned the ire of leftists and government agencies while challenging the general public.

In these presentations, longtime participants will reflect on these experiences, presenting material from different eras of CrimethInc. activity and discussing how the context has shifted in the United States. Examining why US anarchists have followed a trajectory from subcultural rebellion towards generalized insurrection, they will conclude with hypotheses about what the future holds. Please join them for a lively conversation.

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