Friday, October 26, 2012

27 oktober geluidsprotest bij detentie- en uitzetcentrum Schiphol Oost

-- there still is some room in the bus that goes to Schiphol Oost: mail to sign up: subject 27 oktober bus

The government wants to make people without residence permits invisible by keeping them in detention centers. Action will take place across the
country on Saturday, October 27 -seven years after the Schiphol-fire which killed eleven detainees- to bring attention to the victims of the Dutch
migration policy. There will be noise protests near six detention and deportation centers. Also at Schiphol-Oost detained migrants could use our
help -they really appreciate outside support and a human voice!

Join us and support the migrants at Schiphol-Oost with some musical solidarity!

citizens' initiative on October 27

location: Ten Pol 64 - 1438 AJ Oude Meer time: 2.30 pm

bring along: a (homemade) musical instrument

pre gathering at amsterdam: 1e Schinkelstraat 16, 13.30 hrs

do you want to be on the bus? mail to subject '27 oktober bus'

-------- landelijk oproep / nationwide call out:

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