Monday, September 3, 2012

[rebelnews] A new rebel clown season, a new rebel clown website!

Dear friends of the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns,
Last emal you received by the Rebelnews email list has been a long time ago. Last season (Sept 2011 - June 2012) we didn't send one email to the list for the simple reason, we didn't organise public activities at all.
Of course we did some rebel clown interventions. In February we joined the Art as Money Festival (there we 'privatised the large toilet space) and in the months after we discussed about how to renew our concept and way of organising (for sure necessary after doing 60 interventions in five years).
And now... we're clownpletely back! Celebrating five years of rebel clowning with a brandnew website!
At the moment you only see nine interventions on the website - we have to upload 51 other actions... and the texts could be improved in several ways, but.... it now already looks great!!!
Take a look here:
New plans: not sure yet, but maybe you'll hear in the next months about an open intervention you could join and about a Bouffon workshop (possibly a weekend workshop in November).
If you visit our beautifoool website you see at the right the News column.
There you read the first lines about a very special foreign rebel clown mission in October.
To be honest: we hardly believe it ourselves... but if it really goes on, you'll hear more about it quite soon!
Best red nose wishes,
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns

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