Friday, September 21, 2012

ADM Time festival starts today !

The ADM TIJD festival is made with no single cent of subsidy, purely volunteer labour and any profit made goes to a good cause!

ADM TIJD festival: 21st and 22nd september 2012
ADM, Hornweg 6, Amsterdam

The ADM festival will this year explore the theme of time: are we facing the end of time? How do we experience time? Can time be slowed down or sped up? What do we want the future to look like? How does the past affect us? Does time even exist?

The ADM TIJD festival will take place around the autumn equinox… Traditionally this is an important moment in the cycle of the sun and brings us back to a very basic notion of time – as a reflection of solar and seasonal cycles..

As the world around us is dragged down by the boom-and-bust economy where 'time is money' the ADM provides an escape-route. A rare and endangered free-place where people are experimenting with alternative lifestyles, learning to disconnect from the addiction to material wealth and to guide their own lives and how they spend their time.

So, forget your watch and phone, leave behind the haste of modern society and adjust to ADM time. Immerse yourself in alternate theatrical worlds; lose yourself in the music; learn a timeless trade or inform yourself on the intricate relationship between time and space…

The ADM exists almost 15 years as a live-work community of artists and freethinkers that are closely linked to each other by the space they share.

The cultural freehaven ADM is one of the last large live/work communities of the city. On the terrain live 125 artists, theatre makers, decorbuilders, inventors, dancers, musicians, craftsmen, seadogs and buccaneers, lifelovers and 'different-thinkers'. Experiment, exchange and spontaneity have ensured that the ADM has acquired a place in Amsterdam's cultural climate. So the successful Robodock festival was born on the ADM, the first enactment of Merlijn Twaalhoven's La Vie N'est Pas Une Chocolat was realised here and the sensational bakbrommer championships were organised here.

The ADM is, as many other (squat) communities, a fertile germination place for the local and (inter)national cultural climate. Communities as this (fringes of the city) appear to often play a leaders role for what is now called the Creative Industry. What we do with us all, but especially BEING, often forms for others a source of inspiration. From pretty much nothing, a blooming, creative community is made.

More info: ADM (dutch)

New: info & workshops program saturday afternoon… see below

The program is as always a spectacular mix of theatre, installations, bands, djs, vjs, exhibitions, as well as workshops, informative presentations and a kid's program.

Performance times may not always be announced … they will become clear when you enter the festival.

<<<kids' program>>>
Saturday 13.00-18.00 @kidsarea
Interactive theater, workshops, time machine building.
>>>time schedule>>>

<<<Chronic Soundz DIY Beer>>>



<<<INFO&WORKSHOPS (SAT 13-18h)>>>

 >>> VJ Cyper <<<

>>> Anti-Delusion MechanismChaotic Orbits <<<

>>> Borrell-TIJD @ Suwannes Clit-Club <<<

See fotos of last year's Ruimte festival and also Earth festival in 2009

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