Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rebelact (doesn't?) celebrate five years of rebel clowning!

Sunday, Sept 9th 2007 Amsterdam Rebel Clowns gathered for the first time. Now 5 years and 60 interventions later the red noses even don't have time to celebrate. The clowns have a rehearsal this weekend to prepare their next mission, a very special one!

What happened in the last period? In February we joined the Art as Money Festival: there we 'privatised' the large toilet space. No, we didn't publish it on Indymedia. A pitty because our 'business class toilets' with special services were really great!

In the months after we had discussions about how to renew our concept and way of organising. Although you probably won't notice the differences, we're very glad with the outcome. That's why we start this brand new season with much fresh energy!

By the way: we already started the season with a first training Sunday, August 26th. Much more will follow. Why?
Again: because we should prepare our next mission, a very special one!

If you're curious, take a look at our brand new website!
Go to the News column and you read the very first lines about it.

By the way: the new website is not finished yet (still 51 actions to upload and several texts to add and improve), but even now we're already very happy to celebrate our five years that way!

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