Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update rebel clown court cases + film preventive arrest

Update rebel clown court cases + film preventive arrest

In the last couple of years rebel clowns joined several protests around demonstrations of neo-nazi's (NVU / Dutch Peoples Union) in Den Bosch, Arnhem and Venlo. It also means you'll get rewards: love letters / invitations to visit courts. Here's an update + an amazing film!

Last update was Febr. 23rd "Clown court case 'National Duckies Front' gets extra ride!

The 'National Duckies Front' in Den Bosch (May 23rd 2009) still missed a few fines. Finally they woke up! In May (one year later!) a missing clown got a fine of 200,- Which makes the clown chaos even bigger: now we have one of 250,- and one of 220,- and one of 200,- and one didn't receive such a nice letter and one receiving a confirmation he doesn't get anything! And to be clear: we all acted exactly in the same red nose way!

Of course we're not only collecting letters, we also love invitations to visit court. So the situation is now: 1 clown waiting for the session of the collegial court (wowww! 3 judges!), 1 clown also waiting for his court case and 1 clown (the one who got that 200,- fine) waiting for an invitation to visit court.

The 'National White Bride Front' in Venlo (Sept. 26th 2009) received 3 fines of 300,- and got this month 2 invitations to visit court Oct. 28th. We still miss one!

June 12th 2010 in Venlo 3 clowns + 1 photographer were already arrested even before they could do anything wrong or right The nice thing is: we probably don't get fines and court cases for doing absolutely nothing and next to it we now have an amazing, very short but also very clear film about preventive arrests! Even if you have a black coat with you it's already a perfect reason to get arrested! Enjoy!

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