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Video Making Tutorial for Mobile Phones.Rainbow Gathering Slovakia 2012 part 2 and visionOntv video activists project

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What is visionOntv? 

visionOntv aims for the widest possible distribution of video for social change.

visionOntv enables you to create and collate video: we create shows to put news in context, and collate the best social change video from around the world. We also curate it so that it can be found and enjoyed easily by anyone who wants to. There are currently 5 main channels of rapidly updating films, which are editorially controlled to ensure a good mix of quality content. The visionOntv site is a "golden ladle on the data soup".

visionOntv is also a source of in-depth and verifiable news, with fact-checking links to reliable sources.

Crucially we are creating social media toolkits around this content so that real communities of action can be built.

"Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about." (Cory Doctorow)
To that we add "and then take action about". That way leads to social change.

We enable members to build their own TV channel on their site.
visionOntv aims to build flows of lasting and automatically-updating video content,
not the "here today, and gone tomorrow".

In terms of ideas, visionOntv follows the Peoples' Global Action Hallmarks.

Typical Users

Citizen reporters - visionOntv is a training project for new video-makers and for the
experienced with little time, so that they can make watchable, fast-turnaround news
for a wide viewership.

Experienced video producers - to get their films seen more widely on the web and screened in real communities

Activists for social change - to use the content to inspire, network and build real alternatives

Viewers of user-generated content - videos are filtered for quality and subject
so that viewers interested in social change have a rewarding experience.

Partner groups - (NGOs, charities, campaign groups, social movements, trade unions)
- visionOntv's film distribution also drives traffic to partners' sites through video embeds which the visionOntv site links to.

For a full version of the miission statement and information on our editorial guidelines, go here.


We believe that there needs to be a strong and independent network of media projects, that can aggregate and distribute video content with such effectiveness and ease that it can compete with the big media corporations.

visionOntv is therefore merely one node in a worldwide web media network,
which we call the OPEN MEDIA NETWORK.
To be able to take on the corporate media, all nodes or hubs in the network need to be committed to common basic principles.
These principles are simple common sense for the building of alternative video distribution on the net, and aim to present no barriers to the participation of a very wide range of content providers and aggregators.


1.  A platform which is owned by NOBODY
- with neutral unbranded databases and widgets which can be individually branded by each node in the network.

2.  Enables different nodes to query each other and link to each other via tags and 2-way real-time media rss feeds (rss in and out).

3.  Uses aggregation in a way respectful to the content providers:
we will all provide valid links and tags back to the source of the content.

4.  Has a preference for Creative Commons licences. This enables the effective distribution of content
around all non-commercial nodes, which is what we all need to do.

5.  Uses open, industrial standards.

WARNING: The next paragraph contains an extended metaphor!

So, in the universe of the OPEN MEDIA NETWORK,
visionOntv is a single solar system which sustains quality radical news life-forms among galaxies of video stars. These other stars may sustain content which is completely different from that of visionOntv.
Some of these stars shine brightly, some are dark and dying, some are just being born,
but none of them are black holes, sucking content selfishly into their portals without attribution or linkage to its origins.
All the stars are linked to each other by the gravitational pull of the "google juice" of valid links, allowing their video content life-forms to flourish much better than they would if they were living on lonely planets. Then more space travellers (cyber-surfers) will visit, and build inter-galactic communities who do things together, and can even be strong enough to fight the Star Wars against the corporate Empire.......

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