Friday, August 31, 2012

Tantra, Love and Activism workshop tomorrow in Blijburg at A Free Harmonic Healing Experience 2

It's about to conect our soul with our mind with our body with our spirit with our hart. It's about how through improving our love making we can improve our health, our relationship and everything what we are busy in our life... Singles and couples, everyone welcome...
PS: take your mat cushion or anything to seat on
Blijburg aan Zee
Muiderlaan 1001
1087 VA Amsterdam
Time of the Event: 11:00
Saturday 1.9.2012
more about this workshop here :

Here more info about event itself:

The Creative Consciousness Collective presents: A Free Harmonic Healing Experience 2

  • Hello dear friends,

    Hereby you are watching a new invitation for our next free 'Harmonic Healing Experience' event. This invitation is once more writing in English, so all our foreign guests are able to read and follow it as well. After the beautiful success of the 1st event organized on the 'Solar Lion's Gate - Activation Portal Day' on the 8th of August 2012 in the Vondelpark, many of us felt this should become a regularly organized event. Reason for this is because many of us felt such amazing energy an
    d made such beautiful connections with likeminded and other interested people, which made all of us feel like this initiative should get a sequel. So, here you are, reading another invitation to inform you about the next free event, this time to be organized in the beautiful location at Blijburg aan Zee. You're find info about the location at the bottom of this message.

    Some of you might wonder what this free Harmonic Healing Experience is all about and this message is to update you about this, at least for those who don't know and haven't heard about it yet. The initiative is due to getting the divine inspiration to offer energy work, massage, sound healing or any other form of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing for free to those in need of, or with interest in it. How this idea started to exist can be read here: which is the event page of the 1st event organized on the 8th of August 2012. The main driving force behind this initiative is the fact that many of us are aware of the fact that All = One nowadays, but that turns out to be something easier said than done. To try and make unity consciousness take shape, instead of just talking and writing about it, this initiative has been taken, to try and build a bridge between all layers of society, between all different disciplines of healing, so we can all meet as one and enjoy the facilitating of love, friends, good company and lots of beautiful ways of healing each other on a beautiful location nearby Holland's biggest lake, all for free!

    So dear friends, hereby you are requested to please participate in this next initiative, hereby officially launched on Facebook. Please send this initiative around your own personal network. Copy and paste the web link on profiles of friends you think might be interested to participate or simply invite them through clicking on 'invite friends' on the right top of the event page. Contact friends who are active as energy workers, healing or massage therapists, sound healers or whatever other way there could possibly be to make other people feel better and to assist them in raising their personal frequency. Anyone you know that could brighten up this day in anyway, feel free to contact them and to invite them to come and join us for this beautiful and loving experience. Those who are interested to actively participate with offering their services, best send a private message to:

    That is all information we have right now. More updates will follow soon, such as the exact duration and times of the event, which should be up in the next 24 hours if all works out according to plan. A list of all participants will be put up a.s.a.p. as well, but for now we are able to announce that once more there will be quite some different healing disciplines offered. Some of them will be:


    - Alchemical Transformation
    - Angel Facilitator.
    - Ayurvedic Massage.
    - Bach Flower Remedy.
    - Bodyshift Massage.
    - Chi Kung.
    - Deeksha Healing.
    - Foot Massage.
    - Frequencies of Light Healing.
    - Kundalini Yoga.
    - Mantra's & Heartsongs.
    - M-Energy Healing.
    - Pranic Healing.
    - Group Meditations [Introduction + End].
    - Magnetizing Healing.
    - Rebalancing Massage.
    - Reconnective Healing.
    - Reiki.
    - Shiatsu Massage.
    - Shamanistic Healing.
    - Stone Oracle.
    - Tantra, Love and Activism
    - Thai Yoga Massage.
    - Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.
    - Twin Hearts Meditation.
    - Vortex Healing.

    More to be confirmed....

    Good, that's it for now….we're looking forward to see you all soon at the next Creative Consciousness Collective event. Become part of the collective, let's all make this next free Harmonic Healing Experience one to always remember !

    With love, yours sincerely,
    Gosse Beerda

    Link to the 1st event:

    Location Info:

    Blijburg aan Zee
    Muiderlaan 1001
    1087 VA Amsterdam

    Time of the Event: 11:00-16:30

    Phone: 020-41 0330

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