Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tantra at Magneet festival every sunday at 17.00

For one month, Magneet Festival is the place for creative free spirits in Amsterdam. Everybody with a creative initiative is welcome to pitch their idea to the internet platform. If this idea is popular and possible, Magneet Festival co-creates and facilitates. This makes Magneet Festival the first crowdsourced festival of its kind in Europe.
The town district East-Amsterdam is offering a unique piece of land during the length of the festival. On an artificial sand valley at the Zeeburger Island (Zeeburgereiland) in the East of Amsterdam visitors can enjoy music, theatre, experimental constructions, fine arts, children's activities and more.
 "No spectators, only participators" has always been the "Magneet philosophy". To create something special you need to work together, on which this co-creational festival is also based. With "Leave no Trace" as motto, it's clear that durability plays an important part during the festival: participators are expected to keep durability in mind when building and breaking down whatever they have in mind. It's a special place and we're giving it back in its original state, if not cleaner.
Fotocollage Magneet Festival

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