Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zombie Bike Ride to Ghost Town!

In times of capitalist crisis, when right wing politicians try to make squatting illegal by law, the city of Amsterdam breaks further apart into pieces: areas where you should shop-shop-shop, areas for drinks and allowed fun, areas to sleep and watch TV and expanding areas with just boring offices - and many of them empty...
Saturday, October 31st was the ideal day for the Wild Zombie Bike Ride to Ghost Town. More than 30 zombies had a 'secret' meeting 7 pm at the Overtoom in Amsterdam to prepare for this unique tour to Ghost Town. The ride started 8.30 pm in the Vondelpark and almost hit the Leidse square, then went to the elitist P.C. Hooftstraat en Van Baerlestraat, the ultimate shopping streets for the rich and wealthy.
Also great to see the Concertgebouw where tickets for classical music only can be paid by that same small group. In the Lairessestraat we got the companionship of a police van. They drove slowly. We did as well. They were in doubt what to do and we were glad they stopped following us after a few traffic lights. So we drove into the Minervalaan and then straight to train station Amsterdam South. The more we went south, the richer the environment: with long and heartbreaking screams we enjoyed this area with very expensive houses and cars like jaguars and SUV's.

Finally around 9 pm we entered Ghost Town: the South Axis (Zuidas) with the WTC offices and many more offices. And what's nice especially for zombies: many of these buildings are half dead; they are empty. A great place to live for zombies! 1000's of square meters aren't used at all. Some squatters are talking about 'housing shortage'. There isn't! With a few adjustments this is really a great place to live!

Once there was a time politicians were talking about social housing and cultural facilities - even at the South Axis! They developed a master plan: it should take 30 years to develop this new neighbourhood...

Guess what? Only offices, offices and also offices were build. Some of them (like WTC) are being used, but many of them are empty. Floors asking to get used in these days of anti squatting laws. But we have to be honoust, next to offices they build also something else: some luxury apartments.
And surprise! Off course many of them are also empty! Apartments screaming like zombies to get used!

For sure the most beautiful zombie spot is the Gustav Mahler square. It's completely empty, there's beautiful spooky light and all life has disappeared there. Especially at night.
This should be our ultimate zombie future: half dead places for half dead people! Looking forward to make Amsterdam one big South Axis! An elitist area just for hardcore business zombies.

The big issue is: who are the real zombies and what are they doing with our environment, our city, our lives?

As people who are just zombie once in a while we brought back life to that mega death Gustav Mahler square. For one night the spot came back to life. Screaming and dancing for an unlimited, diverse, creative and unpredictable future!

The drumbeats of Rhythms of Resistance Amsterdam together with some other great musicians helped to free the place during Halloween night.
But after a while the empty buildings asked for restoring eternal boredom. So finally we died in our fresh selfmade graves at this spooky square.

After taking some rest (nothing will last forever) the zombies slowly wook up and ended around 10 pm the tour with visiting one of the security guys in one of the many offices. Every empty building has one security guy sitting behind an enormous desk - waiting for nobody. 24 hours a day. A tragedy which will end sooner or later with or without anti squatting laws: "AAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Film and pictures will follow.

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