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Tolerant Amsterdam - Manifest

Amsterdam, 3 November 2009

Give Amsterdam her freedom back!

Amsterdam would like to be seen as a creative metropolis: a tolerant city, a vibrant, energetic and innovative city that counts in the top ten of the world's most inspiring cities. A city that acts as a magnet for artists, tourists and entrepreneurs in the cultural sector and creative industries.

Despite this well-intentioned effort Amsterdam hasn't had the international appeal it so dreams of for quite some time and it is also no longer the tolerant metropole the marketing machine of our municipality wishes to present itself with.

One reason is that Amsterdam lacks a clear vision of the conditions for a truly creative city, making patronisation (vertrutting), and a tendency for excessive control and interference at all levels, to take over, and in doing so putting the cultural and creative space under heavy pressure. Meanwhile political parties from the whole spectrum are calling out that they are against the patronisation (vertrutting). At the same patronisation is a growing trend that causes Amsterdam to lose its creative, free and tolerant nature relating to the use of public space.

We wonder where the naughty edge of Amsterdam has gone?
Can the 24-hour economy really not be achieved?
What about the hole in the night?
For both new and known initiatives, more barriers are raised than space provided.

Is it necessary for the vitality and the vibrant nature of the street and the city by unilateral definition should give way to urban development?
Examples of confininement of the public space for culture and social gethering are abound. The most recent low point is the closing of the sailing culture temple, the MS Stubnitz, the ship of the 100 subcultures. Then there are the pubs that are fined because their customers are standing on the terrace with a beer in their hands, or the festivals which execution is made impossible by increasingly strict interpretations of the regulations, and the cultural free havens (eg ADM) which are being closed one by one.

And what about the djembee players in the park, the game of late night football on the square and the spontaneous free outdoor cinema on blank walls? Or having a drink on a street bench, in front of your own door, or on a park bench?

People get fines and are even arrested for "useless lingering" at the Dam! The world renowned festival Robodock seems to have no place in Amsterdam anymore, Awakenings was almost banned, cafe de Diepte was closed and the Sleaze festival had to move to Wijk aan Zee.

We need to be proud of the risky and exciting cultural activities that could and should happen in our city. There needs to be more room to breathe, more room for the cultural diversity and creative flavors our city houses.
The center, but also the outskirts and fringe areas should be seen as part of the public space, a vibrant space that belongs to us all and that is part of a metropolis of international standing.

Let us call a halt to regulatory madness and excessive control in all areas. Let us seek a renewed and more tolerant balance between work and living and entertainment. Let us act against the patronisation (vertrutting), against the cramped attitude of the municipality, against reduction and restiction of our public space. We want our everyday freedom back!

We want to change Amsterdam back into a tolerant, diverse and freedom-loving city. A city where people are free to develope themselves without interference and stifling regulations, a city where residents can linger uselessly and above all a city where exciting and innovative cultural entrepreneurship is nurtured!

We want:

o Depatrinasation (Onttrutting)
o To nurture existing and new (sub) cultural initiatives
o Change of mindset of relevant decision makers
o More room for experimentation, spontaneity, culture and subculture
o More flexible event policies
o More use of temporary spaces for the Day and the Night
o Broader interpretation of relulation (finding flexibility within the limits)
o 24-hour economy and the closing of the Hole in the Night
o A drugpolicy that is less focused on repression of private use
o Founding a nieuw Platform for Advice and Cooperation
o Broader possibilities for Queensday and -night

Wij roepen op tot een manifestatie tegen de vertrutting van Amsterdam en vóór een vrijheidslievend Amsterdam op vrijdag 13 november 2009.

We call for a manifestation against the discourses of patrinisation (vertrutting) of Amsterdam and for a freedom-loving Amsterdam on Friday, November 13, 2009.

Location: de Dam
Time: from 15.00 until 18.00

On 14 November an urban debate will take place about the
patronisation (vertrutting) of Amsterdam.

Location: de Balie
Time: from 20.30 until 23.00 - e.v.a.

Protest and events for independent culture in Adam
Power VS Power

The following events in Amsterdam below:

13.11. MS Stubnitz manifestation @ DAM 3 o'clock
13.11. Power VS Power 5 years promoting independent culture @ OT301 22 o'clock

14.11. Open day at MS Stubitz

13.11.09 Protest at the Dam

We are protesting the cultural and personal repression of people in Amsterdam. With the increasing regulations and series of restrictions our freedom has been limited. We want our creativity and freedom back!

Break the Future
DJs/VJs/ Live Acts
Drum N Base/ Dubstep/ Tekno/ Hard Core/ Hip- Hop
Decorations/ visual art/ performance

At Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
22:00- 3:00
Damage 6 Euro (4 Eruo by 11 pm)

14.11.09 Open Day Stubnitz
Music performace, video and info, workshops/ performances open to all
In lord 4 program by power vs power crew
Films/ music exchage
Trapeze/dj/musik making/ breakdance/ street art/ beat box
Te in! 2gether we are stronger!
88.3 FM/ Radio Patapoe

check out the flyer attached for more information

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