Friday, November 13, 2009

Reminder RABBIT weekend + final Zombie Film + 5 years Power VS Power

Dear friends of the Rebel Clowns,
As you know Friday night, Nov 20th till Sunday, Nov. 22nd we'll organise the RABBIT weekend (Rebel Act Big Basic Intervention Training). This rebel clown training is a once in a year opportunity to get the basic skills to join the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns.
We got some qestions - to be clear: it's completely free of obligations at both sides. It means we don't expect you'll join the clowns on a regular basis afterwards - it could be, but feel free! And also the other way around: you only get an invitation to join us after the training if we feel you'll fit into the energy of the group.
Wanna join: let us know the sooner - the better. Usually in the last days before the weekend many people try to sign up, but then you'll might be tooooo late (the training hall isn't very big - 20 is the maximum nr. of participants).
Mail with your name,, place, have a wig - or will borrow a wig from Rebelact? and just a few lines why you like to join the training.
After signing up you'll receive a confirmation + all practical information you'll need for the training next week.
Off course you could forward this mail to other people who might be interesed.
Looking forward to play with you!
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns
Thanks! to Spiritofsquatters who made the final version of the film about the Zombie Bike Ride to Ghost Town, Oct. 31st, Amsterdam, the South Axis:
Report and zombie pictures:  
Thanks! everyone who joined!!!
Friday, Nov, 13th and 14th our dearest friends of Power VS Power will celebrate 5 years of independent culture with a manifestation at the Dam square (Friday, 3 - 6 pm) and several other activities in OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam:
Rebel clown questions & remarks are welcome: or call 0621391185

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