Monday, November 23, 2009

COP15 info session this wednesday at the Target Cafe


As we are getting closer to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December, the mobilization group in The Netherlands together with the Target Cafe have organized an info-session to discuss the politics of the climate issue this Wednesday 25th at 8pm in the Target Café (Overtoom 301).

From the 7th to 18th of December 2009, the largest 'climate summit' ever to be held will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. This summit has been billed as our 'last, best hope' to do something about climate change. But the UN talks will not solve the climate crisis. We are no closer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions than we were when negotiations began fifteen years ago: emissions continue to rise at ever faster rates, while carbon trading allows climate criminals to pollute and profit. At present, the talks are essentially legitimising a new colonialism that carves up of the world's remaining resources.

At the info-session we will discuss the key decisions that are on the table inside the negotiations; the main impacts and implications on several issues such as agriculture and food, immigration and security, trade, forests, among others. Also, we will discuss the climate justice movement and the mobilizations for Copenhagen.

Practical information on networks and actions planned for the Climate Summit will be discussed as well.

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