Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today29.4.9(wed)7th Video Activists Meeting in Molli

Video Activists Meeting in Molli
Like every second Wednesday from 19.00 till 21.00 we meet in Molli at Van Ostadestraat 55 HS

So we have 7th meeting on the 25th of March Wednesday at 19:00.
This meetings' agenda is...
- introduction of new projects if new people join us.
- presentation of work what we done from last meeting and conclusions from it
- considering to make one meeting with connection with the practical workshops and projection in new squatted center
- Discussing about possibilities HOW to get free editing programs and maybe getting them.
- Your point ?

The idea is to come together, make group, present some of the projects, make new and see how we can help each other. Together We are stronger and We can do more.For example we can teach each other how to do things better , easier and more independent. There would be beamer thus everyone could present what things he/she is busy with and what he/she can offer to the group and tell us what help he/she need.

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