Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 Lappersfort occupiers released, with deportation notices

Yesterday (friday 24th april) the 3 Lappersfort occupiers arrested on tuesday night were released (original article about arrest Upon signing out of the Brugge prison they were all issued with deportation notices, ordering them to leave the "Kingdom of Belgium" by midnight on the 29.04.2009.

One of them signed the paper after being threatened with being sent back into the cell if refusing. The other two refused to sign the paper and were still released, but as yet we're not sure if the deportation notice has any legal grounds or not. Obviously the pigs are using their socalled "position of authority" to intimidate the occupiers and those supporting them, and this attempted deportation is simply an extreme and over-the-top expression of their desire to be rid of us before the issues of the lappersfort, of "zonevreemde" forests and police repression get too big for them to handle. The notice itself seems extremly dodgy, it has only been signed by the prison director, refers from a law from 1980, and one is issued without the official name of the person to be deported. But these days here in Brugge nothing is surprising anymore, and the police may take this "chance" to raid the camp to find the "illegal" people there. The facist pig-protectors of the "Belgian Reich" are again flexing their little muscles, and this one case is another example of the facism of "fortress Europe" and its protectors, and the violent repression practised against those who show any form of resistance. Resorting to such measures only shows us that the police here feel threatened by our presence in the forest.
Meanwhile the pigs still have the ID's and belongings of many people, and we're trying to find out whether the raid at a local friends house on wendesday afternoon was legal or not, and whether or not we have a legal case against the Brugge police. (For original article about raid
Following the release of the 3 we now know more about their arrest on tuesday. At least 6-10 piggies had been waiting in the bushes, some dressed in camouflage and black, some in uniform, some with balaclavas and at least one dog. They came from behind the bushes and trees from all directions in a pathetic hollywood-style ambush, violently forcing 3 people to the ground, twisting their arms and using pressure-points. Fingerprints and photos were taken, and after the raid the pigs managed to positively identify one of the 3. The coppers here are using their tactics of kidnapping, ambush, violence and lies to crush our camp, our campaign, and to make others afraid of coming to visit, show support or move in. Spring is happening, and we are trying to get ready for a busy summer of campaigning and actions, despite constant police harassment. Just last night, while we celebrated the release of our friends, 3 people were forced to run from police after returning to the camp from collecting bread from a local bakery supporting the occupiers. The piggies, obviously with nothing better to do, waited long in to the night, keeping a close eye on the bag of bread dumped in the bushes by the 3 forced to flee. Upon returning to get it later, the silly buggers were still waiting, but the people managed to get away. Our criminal bread is now back on site and being enjoyed by all....
The camp, in this time of police surveillance and harassment and all the rest of it, require a few things which could be very helpful....Lappersfort wishlist: people with legal knowledge and experience, especially immigration law
computer freak to help updating and renewing old and neglected website
most of all we need more people in the forest, to come by and stay as long as they want, to move in and to take part in the camp itself (all people coming over should be aware however of strong police presence around the forest)
please phone for anything.......(++32 741/65.85.44)

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