Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alternative CV by Griks

Eight years ago I emigrated to Amsterdam. When I just found that there is activity for children in a squatted center, I immediately visited this centre with my daughter. From the beginning we fell in love with Kinderpret. With my determination, it wasn't long before I became a volunteer. For eight years every Wednesday we have a great time in the OCCII. Together with kinderpret group we participate in other festivals (Appelscha, Robodock, Ruigoord etc...) The activities we are busy with are improvisational theatre, interactive theatre ( Speurtocht ) and the usual children program. I'm also doing theater video camera workshop, where kids themselves are making reports about important subjects. Sometimes it is about ecology, creating peace, freedom, equality, sometimes animal rights,sometimes human, immigrants rights etc. Together they make short documentaries where the young are actually educating the adults about how they can live consciously with nature, animals. This in turn surely creates a better future.

Examples of my work can be seen on the channel Spirit Of Squatters.(

There it is possible to see a few off my movies. Filming is another thing that I'm doing. I used to film for Vrije keizer TV (You can watch every Tuesdays from 8-9pm on ATV1) Now I'm publishing more on net.
My life I'm also documenting in many other ways. I'm writing books about my adventures, actions that I'm participating in, about my thoughts and points of view. The first book is already finished but I am still waiting for a publisher. Fragment's (1/3) are already published in Poland and are available from Fort Van Sjakjo.(Jodenbreenstraat 24) The second book "Life Of Activists" is work in progress. Unfortunately as of now it is only in the Polish language. Check out my pages to read english articles and dutch.( It is clear to see on my pages that writing in Polish is easier for me.( The pages are about positive activism news and also platform for activities that I'm connected to and for affinity groups that I'm busy with. One of them is a radio show that I named Awakening you can listen every Tuesdays from 16.00-19.00 in radio Patapoe 88.3 FM (or

In the show we talk non stop. We try to awaken hearts, consciousness and intelligence and creativity to bring about positive changes in our life and to try to make our world a better place.

Besides that I actively participate in social, cultural, ecological and political life of Amsterdam. Mainly I'm busy with Positivenest, SWOMP, KSU but also many others. It is clear to see that my goal in life is to try to make this world a better place for me, for my family, for all of us. The tools that I use to achieve this and that is also a passion of my life are using the tool of positive message and media that I try to use in any possible way :by book, www, video, radio, posters, music, my outer appearance and my life(?) Activism is voluntary and it wouldn't be possible to be busy with this for so many hours if I did not have the possibility to squat. Non commercial places for example OCCII, Vrankrijk, Zaal 100, OT301, Positivenest, Eigenardig, Joes Garage, Plantage Doklan and many, many others. I would not have possibility to be a volunteer if not all of You squatters, that are making this such a great movement. Squatting is my choice and it is a life decision and my next passion. That's my activism which become a part of my life. The fight for affordable roofs above our head that is a basic human right. That is my way of taking from the rich and their excess, using it in a better and very needed way. That's a way of having time for my family, for doing the things what are more important than making money and collecting material things. That's My conscious and free choice.

My dream is that not only my home would become activism but also my work would become activism. At the moment to make money (for organic food for my family and for my activism too Hahaha!) I'm working on the bike taxi. Its OK, but just OK.

I'm dreaming about work, that is meaningful. My dream is that my activism would become my paid work, then I could give the whole of myself to make the world a better place. Maybe could You help me ??? Thanks !

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