Friday, March 20, 2009

Albert heijn (or schwein) is threthening with the court Milieu Defensie

For the meat that the largest supermarket in our country now sells much fodder soybean used. The cultivation of these leads in South America to massive deforestation. Milieudefensie has for week campaign with the image of a howler, packaged as popper kilo in the supermarket. This animal is a symbol for all the rare plants and animals by deforestation for soya feed disappearance. Milieudefensie has more posters and radio spots used. Via the website, customers can call to the supermarket support. With an information tour to various entities are customers of Albert Heijn about the drama behind cheap meat.

Netherlands as a transit port is the second largest importer of soybean in the world. Over 90 percent of the soy in our country continues to be used as cheap animal feed, especially chickens and pigs in intensive farming. The production of chicken fillets and pork chops as caused massive deforestation. As the largest supermarket Albert Heijn is the key with which to address this problem and an example to all Dutch supermarkets. Milieudefensie the supermarket chain in recent years been repeatedly addressed this problem. Real improvements were so far off.

Campaign leader Wouter van Eck of Friends: "It is really better than Albert Heijn its energy focused on measures to stop deforestation. We do not succumb to the legal threats and continue with our activities. "

The correspondence between Albert Heijn and Milieudefensie is available at:

The next broadcast of the television-Vara Kassa is on the campaign Milieudefensie and the relationship between meat and deforestation: Saturday, March 21, Netherlands 1, 18:55 pm

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