Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Terror beneath your feet. Stop it


Posted By: PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (campaign leader)

Trapped beneath the feet of unsuspecting airline passengers, thousands of primates from Mauritius, Vietnam, and other countries will be transported in the cargo holds of Air France jets this year.

During their terrifying journey, the trembling monkeys are locked in tiny shipping crates and subjected to the deafening noise of the cargo hold. Many may be denied food and water—as has recently happened on such flights—as their ears pop and they experience motion sickness during the harrowing, multi-stop trip, which can last more than 30 hours.

Thousands of monkeys will see their final glimpses of the sun on an airport tarmac before they are loaded onto trucks and sent on a sometimes days-long trip to their destination: a hellish laboratory that most will never leave alive.

Please help us end this cruelty by donating to PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge right now.Your gift will be DOUBLED, up to our $250,000 online goal, going twice as far to power our work to keep monkeys and other animals from dying in crude and painful experiments.

With your help, PETA has successfully persuaded nearly every major airline in the world—including American Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, and others—to refuse to transport monkeys to experimenters. Today, Air France is the only commercial airline still sending monkeys on horrific one-way flights to laboratories.

Air France doesn't care that many of the monkeys it's treating as cargo were captured from their homes in the jungle, torn from family members, and held on decrepit factory farms in Asia and Africa, sometimes by dealers falsifying documents and otherwise violating wildlife regulations. Nor does the airline care that it's sending them to despicable laboratory breeding facilities or to laboratories themselves, where the monkeys will endure painful, invasive, and ineffective experiments for years on end. PETA won't rest until Air France finally listens to the hundreds of thousands of caring people from around the globe who have urged the airline to halt its cruel primate shipments.

We can succeed, but we need your help—and for a brief time, that help can go twice as far.

Donate to the Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge right now to help prevent monkeys and all other animals from enduring a nightmarish life in a laboratory cage. Every dollar that you donate before October 31 will be DOUBLED, up to our $250,000 online goal!

Please hurry. Thousands of monkeys are shipped into the U.S. each year, and you only have until October 31 to have your gift matched.




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