Thursday, October 1, 2015

Recht Op Stad. 1 oktober demonstratie video

Why are we demonstrating?

The city belongs to all of us, including to the poor and to the refugees. The city council needs to focus on making the biggest medley so not only people or organizations with money, but everyone has a chance to settle at their place of choice. The heart of a city is essential part of making a city livable and therefore cheap rents for housing and shops should be preserved.
A city exists out of neighborhoods. This should be neighborhoods made able by its inhabitants, neighborhoods where the grocery store, bakery and local tailor should have a place. Amsterdam is no brand, but a city where people cohabit. 
The city is a hub of knowledge acquisition and dissemination. The city needs to stand firm for its students and point universities to their role: focussing on quality of education and phase out real estate speculation! Less power to the management and more power to teachers and students!
The city is a thousand villages. The city is nothing without her inhabitants. The City is alive! It doesn't survive by sweeping and encapsulating, but by letting her fray and bloom! The city needs to scale down and support autonomous folks and local organisations that take care of their neighbourhood. This will bring a faster and more direct result than regulation and criminalization will ever amount to. The city remains vital by giving space to experiment and to fail. And give everyone a chance to try again.
The right to demonstrate; especially the city needs to be a space where one can express their beliefs, without fear of repression. Government and law enforcement should not be able to criminalize occupations and squatting. They have to understand that resistance is a natural right and evictions of squats and demonstrators should not harshly be beaten down and arrested.  
In short: Right to City = Right to a righteous city with an eye for culture, activism, diversity and fair chances for all!
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