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Pinksterlanddagen 80 years. - Anarchist festival starts this friday

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Pinksterlanddagen 80 years. Anarchism is fitter than ever!

Fitter than ever? Look at the shining eyes of Domela on the poster and try to say it isn't so. Dressed in his punk-jacket he knows how to touch our young hearts every time. Putting old wisdom in a new jacket can also be said of the Anarchist Festival Pinksterlanddagen. This year, as we celebrate the eightieth edition of the festival anarchism remains up-to-date, militant and active.
The Pinksterlanddagen is a unique gathering of anarcha's and anarcho's, extraparliamentary individuals, anti-capitalist, radicals, autonomous individuals and everyone who fights against the system. The yearly festival traditionally takes places in Appelscha during the Pinksteren holiday, this year from the 17th to the 20th of May.
During the day, the Pinksterlanddagen offers an extensive program which includes delving into, discussions and offers information and suggestions on various topics. The (provisional) program will include Skype-contact with Egypt, Groenfront! on their new campaign, historical lectures on, among other themes, the Paris Commune and a book-presentation by Dennis Bos, professor of history at the University of Leiden.
At night, there will be live bands and DJ's like Het Brandt (folk with a bluesy edge), Kruel Facts (melodic anarcho-crustpunk), DJ El Hathoba (radical hiphop) and anarcho Flamenco. In addition, there will be political theater by Charlie Rider about experiences in prison. The movie-program grew so big the last few years, that this year there will be a special movie-tent with many different screenings.
And we didn't forget about the anarchists-to-be. They will be in the capable hands of Kinderpret. The children will be entertained with games, quests, workshops and all round fun!
There is a vegan canteen on the camping terrain where you can get coffee, sandwiches and cake. Every night you can have dinner at the action-kitchen Rampenplan.
The Pinksterlanddagen is an old tradition beginning in 1927 when anarchist youth from the northern regions of the Netherlands organized the gathering for the first time. In 1933 the camping terrain at Appelscha was bought by workers and it is this same terrain that still hosts the festival. Nowadays the festival is visited by around 500 people and is known for the pleasant atmosphere.
We expect everyone to do their bit at the Pinksterlanddagen; whether organizational or practical, it will all be done under the motto: 'Do it yourself, no freedom without responsibility!'. If you want to contribute with a workshop, piece of theater or something else, let us know! The program fills up pretty quickly, so do be on time. We have space for a maximum of 30 workshops or lectures. During the festival practical help is very welcome, in the canteen, with cleaning, with first aid and clearing the terrain after the festival.
The Pinksterlanddagen take place at the camping terrain 'tot Vrijheidsbezinning' at Aekingaweg 1a in Appelscha. The terrain is reachable by public transport using bus lines 15 or 19 departing from the train-stations in Assen or Heerenveen. For more info about the transport see  'contact/directions'. The entrance fee for the festival is only EUR 12,50, which includes camping but not the food. Don't forget your camping stuff!
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De Pinksterlanddagen is een driedaagse bijeenkomst die dit jaar van 17 – 20 mei plaatsvindt voor anarchisten en iedereen die zich door het anarchisme laat inspireren. De dagen zijn een staalkaart van de anarchistische beweging in Nederland en daarbuiten. Belangrijke onderwerpen zijn antimilitarisme, arbeidsverhoudingen, dierenrechten, eigen media, opbouwen van de beweging en de geschiedenis van het anarchisme.

De PL is een lang weekend vol ontmoetingen, discussies, workshops, muziek en film. Er is een speciaal programma voor kinderen en er is een uitgebreide boekenmarkt. Jaarlijks komen er ongeveer vijfhonderd mensen naar de PL. Een groot deel van hen kampeert op het terrein.



veganistische PL

Waarom er dit jaar net als vorig jaar enkel veganistisch eten en drinken verkocht word op de pinksterlanddagen? De vraag is eerder waarom dat de jaren daarvoor niet het geval was.Lees meer



Kinderprogramma Pinksterlanddagen 2013 door OCCII Kinderpret

KIDZ ENERCHIE (energie) !

Lente! Alles in de natuur barst van de energie… Bomen, bloemen, vogels en… kinderen! Laten we die energie eens gaan opzoeken, voelen en gebruiken! Mensen gebruiken ook allerlei niet zo schone of gevaarlijke energie, zoals sommige electriciteit of brandstof voor apparaten, machines en vervoer… Kan dat ook anders? Lees verder

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Inhoudelijk Programma

Overzicht van het Programma Pinksterlanddagen 2013


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Vrijdag 17 mei

Grote Zaal Tent Gymzaal Kindertent
17:00 – Wall-E – Pixar Studios (US) 2008. Kinderfilm, animatie [100 min]
- Nederlands gesproken
- 19:00 – Yours in Soldarity -  Nicoline van Harskamp [70 min] De maakster
zal haar film toelichten.
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Compleet rooster

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- 17:00 – Wall-E – Pixar Studios (US) 2008. Kinderfilm, animatie [100 min]
- Nederlands gesproken
- 19:00 – Yours in Soldarity -  Nicoline van Harskamp [70 min] De maakster
zal haar film toelichten. (meer info volgt)
- 21:10 – Documentaire over goudmijnindustrie in Guatemala. Lees verder

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