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EYFA Newsletter July 2010: More Summer Happenings!

EYFA Newsletter July:

...More Summer Happenings

In response to last month's Global Matters newsletter, we received quite a
few messages about more events happening this summer (and into the
autumn).  This newsletter is a quick update on these things we missed out
on.  Enjoy!

1.Swiss Climate Camp
2.DIY Bike Fest 2010
3.Anti-Atom Camp
4.Climate Camp Ireland
5.GroenFront Summer Gathering//Climate Justice Action Meeting
6.ZAD Anti-Airport Occupation


Swiss Climate Camp
July 22 – August 2
Gals/Chules, Switzerland

The second Swiss Climate Camp will take place between Biel and Lake
Neuch√Ętel. It will offer all those interested in climate issues a chance
to network, educate each other and plan actions - for example, against the
planned gas power plant nearby. The camp is planned and designed by the
participants, including the cultural program.


DIY Bike Fest 2010
July 30 – August 1
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

DIY Bike Fest is a DIY-organised festival for bicycle freaks, punx and
pirates. Now in its second year, it will take place at the Piratenbar
squat next to the sea in Scheveningen. There will be lots of fixing,
welding and building of bikes, several workshops like basic bike
maintenance, possibly a critical mass, bike-attack bike wars, tall bike
jousting, bakfiets races, info stands, bands, vegan food and more more


Anti-Atom Camp
August 7-15 2010
Wendland, Germany

This anti-nuclear camp is a meeting place for active individuals and
groups to network and learn from each other.  There will be workshops
about nuclear energy and discussion about new ideas for direct action.
The program contains trainings for direct action, workshops, time to
relax, constructing infrastructure for the upcoming large autumn protests,
and certainly also some direct actions. At the week-ends, there will be
concerts and parties.


Climate Camp Ireland
August 12 -16
County Tyrone, Ireland

The Irish Climate Camp will support a community campaign that is in
opposition to the building of a major new road between Dublin and Derry.
The aims of the camp are: to take direct action against the root causes of
climate change, to build a movement, to create a space for education and
to demonstrate a model of sustainable living.


GroenFront Gathering//Climate Justice Action Meeting
August 28 – 29
The Netherlands  or

GroenFront (Dutch Earth First) will hold their annual summer gathering
from August 28-29  in The Netherlands – the location is still not
confirmed.  Information will be available on the website soon, but  you
can expect a range of workshops from practical to theoretical, as well as
strategy discussion for upcoming organising.  At the same site, the
Climate Justice Action network will hold an international meeting with the
main purpose of discussing and organising the upcoming October 12 Global
Day of Action.


ZAD Anti-Airport Occupation
All the time!
Nantes, France
email for more information

Since last year's French Climate Camp, the proposed site of a new airport
near Notre Dame des Landes has been occupied.  The occupation is part of
broad opposition and resistance to the proposed airport (the region
already has nine!).  The group is calling for people to join them in
defending the land, especially before or after this year's French climate
camp, but also any time!

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