Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solidariteit met Kopenhagen arrestanten

Doing the climate summit in Copenhagen, about 2000 people got
detained, while they amongst thousand of other people, tried to get
their voices heard and set a political agenda in the climate debate.
About 20 of those people was kept in custody for weeks by the police.
Out of those, 7 people are facing further legal proceedings and
potential hard judgement. The 7 people are accused on basis of
organizing legal demonstrations.

Through out the whole year of 2009, the danish government and the
danish police exercised an intense campaign against those with a
critical opinion to the high political climate summit. The tools were
massive scare story in the media of protesters and activists plus the
police armament of weapons and economical resources. The right wing
governments initiative was the new law legislation Lømmelpakken, that
is now being used for furthermore criminalizing of political
activities. The police used those tools for preventive arrest of two
thousand people, months tapping of many peoples phones, spying and
raiding private homes and sleeping spaces, and also in general to
oppress freedom of speech and movement.

We are many that are shattered from this treatment and the development
of a so called democracy.

We demand that this criminalization of political movement end now! and
that the danish government drops all charges against those who are
charged on basis of organizing legal demonstrations, plus all charges
against others that was arrested during the COP15. The charges are
groundless and are being used for justifying the extreme use of power
from the police and to scare of the civil society from protesting and

The first trials against the 7 charged activists starts the 16th.
March and continue the 19th. The two that is going to court is Natasha
Verco and Noah Weiss, they were both preventive arrested and has been
through 3 weeks of police custody, unjustified isolation, now they are
facing longer sentences, high penalty and deportation from Denmark.
They are both accused on basis of organizing legal demonstrations.

No individuals can be hold responsible for a whole movement!

Danish:   http://www.cop15repression.info/?page_id=118

German/English:    http://cop15antirep.blogsport.eu/


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