Friday, June 26, 2009

26-27-28 june *DIY FESTIVAL*

DIY festivl @ SCUB 26-28 june


1900 radio m2m warm up streaming

2030 streamed infonight- direct action camp against the building of the biggest pig farm in europe (east germany)by dutch farmer Straathof

after this streaming of

ashanti alston speaking at the anarchist bookfair of dublin 2009.

ex black panther member and anarchist prison abolishonist

ward churchill-doing time, the politics of imprisonment




including jesus christ vampire hunter, invasion by the atomic zombies, mirindas asesinas, pink flamingos, rabid grannies, el santo vs something,la camorra contro il lupo mannaro, and more unpleasent surprises.




1600 silkscreening

1700 whats the deal with free software?

1800 alternative photographic printing

wireless security

2000 voku



de beatzers ska folk

2300 audiopharmacy hip hop fusion

djs from midnight on



1600 puppet making

voice workshop

italian tamburine

1730 juggling

west african percussio

1830 dance performance

1930 voku


2030 magpie umbrella- music &dance impro

2100 john dikeman trio- free jazz

2130 paraphonia- overtone singning

song of freedom william blake performance

2230 baltic boots ballet- dancing and stamiping music (members of caspian hat dance)

2330 wontanara takkita - west african dance ensamble

and of course djs from midnight on!

We have started a courtcase against the 429 declaration that was made last week on the squatted social centre at Ruyterkade 153 157.
SCUB (social centre under the bridge), has now been squatted for some months. This space starts from our need to have a project based on self organization, and the expanding of possibilities that can grow from this.
These are some of the ongoing activities in this space, from regular bar and vokus, to infonights, workshops, hacklab, silkscreening, radio, cinema, unplugged rehearsals and peformance etc.

it is hard to ask for support and solidarity when a space with potential is merely at the beginning of its existence and growth. However since it is important for us to find somewhat of a continuity and stability with the development of these projects and the strengthening social interactions (not only with squatters) , we are, without illusions of the “justice” system, trying to keep this space.
This does not limit the creativity and range of actions that we support and encourage in attack and disgust against the invasion of our lives from a system that does not give anybodya choice to exist outside of it, especially within an urban space.

Ah yeah and our building is “owned” by Ymere and the city of amsterdam.

So, if you are interested in participating, supporting or visiting the space, check out the website for our program and events.

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