Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Earth Wants YOU

Spirit Of Squatters --

We dive into Spring wondering if the birds will come back.  

This year we commit to dramatic direct action.  We will sing and preach in the right wrong places.  Our work of 15 years comes to this. The sanctity of Consumerism must be interrupted, embarrassed, disoriented.  The hypnotized will put down their products, then look up – "where are the birds?"

This is the ultimate culture war.  It is the culture war that if we lose, the Earth dies. 

Here is the song "Fabulous Bad Weather" from collection of activism-inducing songs called "The Earth Wants YOU!" 

Here is the roadmap for the first leg of "The Earth Wants YOU!" Tour. I'll read from my new book in two dozen cities in April and May. Can you help when I visit your town?

Our sultry singing-activists will cast Devil Monsanto into the Lake of Hellfire!

Last month, we published a map of where New York City sprays Monsanto's carcinogenic Roundup in our parks and playgrounds. Today, we release the map of parks and playgrounds in San Francisco sprayed with Roundup. The choir is working in teams to mail out Freedom of Information requests, get the data and make interactive maps for cities and towns across the country.

We mustn't stop to raise funds for food and rent.  Keep us going.  Become a Holy Roller, a patron of our art and activism.  Join our Holy Rollers on our hot new crowd-funding spot.


Reverend Billy



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