Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June at ADM

Halo lovely beach tan people,
for the ones that haven't heard, super berk spanked his right hand too hard and he's in a cast till the end of july, that's why dingle berry is writing you.
It also explains why Zibabu is still here and not in the south of spain.
Ze Bucket Boyz are planning a tour throw europe in September.
The olandia heat is not too unberable so come and visit adm.

12 wednesday JUNE
Noise in the basement and food in the bar
Vegan voku at 20:00
Noisy craziness at 22:00
DonationsPetrifie (Toulouse! microdeath!)
20 thursday JUNE
Midsummer Gypsy fiesta
Skogen (balkan attack, buapest)
Balconyplayers (international gypsys, holland)
21:30 donations
fire and dance

23 sunday JUNE
Green ass garden arbeit
working day in the ADM garden
Sweating all day long.
Eating, drinking, dancing when the sun goes down.

25 Tuesday JUNE
Frastocre grind Concert
MyManMike (soeul, South Korea)
Splatter Fuck (local improvviolence, ADM)
plus supporty
Bands@22:00 Donations

Burn the Babylon
Fusion Reggae Festival
Bands: Upsessions, Roots Creation, Keko Yoma, Bucket Boyz in da mix
Soundsystems: Lidj Shiloh Jah Power
Dj's, good food, and Grooves
Entry: 12:00 to 14:00 = donation 14:00 to 03:00 - 11.50Euros
Camping  Euros 4,- more info at

p.s. don't break any bone's at the begining of the summer

zpank the bubble
(DIY music promotion and production)
"It' too important to be left up to the professionals"
Zibabu (spacepunk, amsterdam)
The Bucket boyz (blue trash)

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