Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Info- Evening: Uprisings in Turkey, June 27@Op De Valreep@21.00

Thursday June 27th @ 21.00 we have an info-evening at Op de Valreep (Polderweg, 620, A'dam) about the uprisings in Turkey.

Taksim Everywhere, Resistance Everywhere: We have in our June and July program three solidarity events for the uprisings in Turkey. After screening of Ecumenopolis, we are going on with the info- evening to think and talk about the uprisings:
How did the uprising in Gezi Park start? How and why did it spread to other cities? Who were involved in the uprisings? How was the reaction of the government? What is now happening in the local forums that are organized after the eviction of protestors from Gezi Park? And many other questions…

We will have two speakers from KAOS-GL organization and DISK labor union, who witnessed the uprisings in Turkey. Filmmaker Brandon Jourdan will present his footages of the uprisings. And we will have couple of online phone talks with activists from Turkey to talk about the current situation.

Come and join to get informed, to inform, to think together, to show solidarity to the comrades in Turkey.

Doors open @ 20.30.
Taksim Everywhere, Resistance Everywhere!!

Op de Valreep
Polderweg 620, A'dam

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