Monday, August 15, 2011

The Vrankrijk will open!

In the center of Amsterdam there is a space that's bee empty for already three years. A space that is meant for political activities : the Vrankrijk.

After a year of continuous delays the mayor has rejected the application for a horeca permit - and for idiotic reasons. Stichting Tweeënveertig, the current renter, will go into appeal against this decision. But that can take a long time, and meanwhile there are people who are sick of waiting. We have decided to support Stichting Tweeënveertig and take initiative to bring some life back into the space. As a protest against the mayor's decision, and especially in order to show what the purpose of the space is and how different groups could use it in the future, we will open the Vrankijk for four days of political program.

We simply want to provide a platform for organizations and initiatives, and are not interested in getting into discussions that would divert the attention away from what is really going on and what we're trying to do. That is why we will not be selling alcohol and so breaking the horeca law. Should the police so request, we will let them inside to see this with their own eyes.

If this will be too much for Van der Laan then we can only conclude that he has a zero-tolerance attitude towards social and political initiatives. And that does not mean only the organizing of this four-day opening, but all the varied initiatives that have been invited to participate. A place like the Vrankrijk is much needed in the city center of Amsterdam. There is a desperate need for an accessible space where activists and different social and political organizations can meet each other, talk and exchange ideas. This space has the right to exist, now and in the future.

Therefore there can never be a final rejection. As said, Stichting Tweeënveertig will appeal against the mayor's decision. And even if they lose the appeal, we will not accept it. Vrankrijk will open, one way or another. As long as the space exists, there will be people who want to see it open. If it's not us, then it will be other people. With a permit or -if need be- without a permit. It is up to the mayor to deal with it wisely.

the program in english

Thursday 18 August

:: Illegal = criminal ?!

About the hunt on immigrants in xenophobic Holland and the borders of fortress Europe. All Included will start at the beginning: The outer borders of Europe, where European organization Frontex tries to "coordinate" border control. Their idea is mainly to limit the amount of people reaching the borders, which leads to militarization of the borders and the most bizarre outposts in the "third countries". Afterwards the ASKV, an Amsterdam-based support group for refugees, will tell more about the recent plans of minister Leers to criminalize people without papers. Last but not least there will be a presentation of the Dutch No Border Network.

Friday 19 August

:: Beat the Crisis

Yeah what is it with the crisis..! Things keep changing in rapid tempo, one country after another goes bankrupt, the triple A's disappear, inimitable recovery plans including dizzying amounts trillions... You still following? It's clear who will pay the price, because of course there will be cuts – and if you thought it was painful before, it will get even worse! Interesting analysis and of course resistance, by Globalinfo, Klasse!, Doorbraak and the Kritische Studenten Utrecht.

:: Euroshopper Charity Gala

Because soon we're all gonna be those less fortunate. Attention: with all the cuts on art subsidies, Euroshopper will soon become totally hipster. We still believe in our Euroshopper half-liters, which we bring ourselves. An evening of performances by Queeristan, for trash of all kinds! Dresscode: trashbag chic.

Saturday 20 August

:: Meet and Greet

An info market in which interesting and inspiring groups both big and small present themselves with stands, books, pamphlets and more propaganda. For those interested in visuals, there will be a VJ-ing workshop (bring your own laptop!) at 4 pm.

:: The Prohibition Crisis

A bar without consumptions is starting to kick in this Saturday. Feels like the Prohibition again. We all know how that ended. Again an evening of queer performances, this in the style of the timeless Great Prohibition this time: the roaring twenties..wrrrooaarrr!

Sunday 21 August

:: Squatting continues!

Sympathize with the squatting movement!! Including theory and practice during the squatting ban.

:: Vrankrijk goes Trut

And then a real party, including liquor and such, in the Trut. It can be busy so be on time! Those with a Vrankrijk flyer get priority at the door. Bilderdijkstraat 165, Amsterdam from 10pm, €2 .

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