Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Update arrestantengroep A'dam

Herewith an update about the people that were arrested on July 5th and are still being kept in Zaandam, and some juridical things.

At this moment there's still two people that were arrested on July 5th being kept in Zaandam. The third person gave his ID last week. Under circumstances the two are doing okay, and the letters and noise demos are very much appreciated. For all their juridical procedures the dates of verdicts and court cases are still unknown.

Letters and post cards can be still send to:

NN1153 and
Postbus 180
1500 ED Zaandam

Then some juridical things. Most of the people that won their appeal, which means they'll get some money, did not get in touch with the lawyer yet. This is mainly people that got released NN from the police station at the Marnixstraat. If you want to know if you are one of the persons that won the appeal you can get in touch with the legal support group.

Also again a call to all people that will get a 'transactievoorstel' or 'strafbeschikking' send home not to pay these. Paying means redeeming prosecution (in the case of a transactievoorstel) or agreeing on being guilty and condemned. Read well on the papers you get how the procedure proceeds when you don't pay, sometimes you don't have to do anything and just wait for a subpoena, sometimes you have to appeal. If you need help with that contact the legal support group.

If you want to file a complaint about physical mistreatment, sexual intimidation, not getting food or medicines or something else, please contact the legal support group if you need help with that.

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