Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ik ben vader en wereldverbeteraar dus ik kraak - interview from "Stop het kraakverbod" demonstration in Utrecht

Great interview with one father,activist for who squatting is a way to spend more time with those who he loves mostly (his family) For him it's also a way to find time to do good things and change this world for a better place. He thinks doing this is more important that making lots of money to pay the rent and spend on material things. It shows that for many squatting is roof above the head and struggle for affordable houses for all. He explain that ideal of squatting is way of reclaiming our life for families and for things what are more important and meaningful that collecting more stuff and paying the rent. Peter concern about future of his and his family if freedom to squat a empty homes would be banned. But he like many of us is still having hope that "erste kamer" would make proper decision and would not take away from the people this basic human right, a right to have home. That's why in all Holland is great intensity of different squatting actions to bring positive message and changes. Especially in the national actions days from 30.10-1.11

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