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Anarchy alive! -book

Anarchy Alive cover

Anarchy Alive!: Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory

Pluto Press, 2008

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Anarchist politics are at the heart of today’s most vibrant and radical social movements. From squatted social centres and community gardens to acts of sabotage and raucous summit blockades, anarchist groups and networks are spreading an ethos of direct action, non-hierarchical organizing and self-liberation.that has redefined revolutionary struggle for the 21st century.

Anarchy Alive! is a fascinating, in-depth look at the practice and theory of contemporary anarchism. Uri Gordon draws on seven years of activist experience and on interviews, discussions and a vast selection of recent literature to explore the activities, cultures and agendas shaping today’s explosive anti-authoritarian revival.

Anarchy Alive! Also addresses some of the most tense debates in the contemporary movement, using a theory based on practice to provocatively reshape anarchist discussions of leadership, violence, technology and nationalism.

This is the ideal book for anyone looking for a fresh, informed and critical engagement with anarchism, as a mature and dynamic political force in the age of globalisation.

Table of Contents


Ch.1 – What Moves the Movement? Anarchism as a Political Culture

Ch.2 – Anarchism Reloaded: Network Convergence and Political Content

Ch.3 – Power and Anarchy: In/equality + In/visibility in Autonomous Politics

Ch.4 – Peace, Love and Petrol Bombs: Anarchism and Violence Revisited

Ch.5 – Luddites, Hackers and Gardeners: Anarchism and the Politics of Technology

Ch.6 – HomeLand: Anarchy and Joint Struggle in Israel/Palestine




Praise for Anarchy Alive!

“Uri Gordon has made us look at the anarchist movement through new eyes. He illuminates and makes us question our most basic assumptions, puts his finger squarely on our most painful dilemmas, and opens up new vistas of choice and understanding.”
– Starhawk, author of “Truth or Dare” and “Webs of Power”

“Uri Gordon has performed a major service to the emerging anti-capitalist, anti-globalization movement. In an engaging, clear style he has succeeded in the near-impossible task of explaining the new anarchism in both theory and practice. This book will be welcomed by believers and the uninitiated alike. It is written with both audiences in mind and, avoiding jargon and preaching, is likely to be widely read and admired.”
– Prof. Stanley Aronowitz, author of “The Knowledge Factory” and “Implicating Empire”

“Hugely learned and yet easy to read…for the adept or novices in anarchist thought alike…not only will it become required reading in the anarchist movement, but it will have a sizeable impact on the academy…this will be a defining text in anarchist circles for the next few years at the very least.”
- Alex Pritchard, Anarchist Studies

“Engaging and dynamic…an intelligent, inclusive, and ideological vision of contemporary anarchist politics.”
- Jyoti Roi, Feminist Review

“A readable and succinct account…For those wanting to understand this movement this is a good place to start. For those who are already familiar with the territory there is plenty of polemic too”.
- London Book Review

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