Monday, February 2, 2009

Awakening7 for tomorrow+issue fromweek ago+general info

Tomorrow issue thats like usual agenda,then DIY practical tips (as main subject)then mobilisation for blocking the nazi demo in Dresden in Germany, and like usual good sides off squatting movement, ecology, human and animals rights and more...

radio awakening every tue from 16.00-19.00 in radio patapoe 88.3 fm (links below)
  to download and see about program from last week go to:
Thats invitation to the program that means more less how it was
Tomorrow issue thats like usual agenda,then continuation of speeches, interviews from presetation of white book of squatters(MAIN SUBJECT again)in den Haag. Beside of that raport about smashing the wapon factory in England other news and continuation of our solidarity with Greece and Palestine and more...
After polish part (~40 min) continuation of discusion on presentation and more interviews about white book in english

Awakening its a program in radio patapoe.ItÅ› talkactive. It means we talk for almost three ha.Mainly about politics,squatting,activism,ecology,tolerance,human and animal rights,punk,spirituality,freedom,love,cultural live in Amsterdam.First we start witch agenda for squatting scene in Amsterdam( not only),then we have some main subject,sometimes guests.The last half ha we do as polish part in this language.The music what we are playing that mainly punk,but this is just as background(package) and in the breaks when we are preparing ourself,equipment,material,etc.Patapoe is a pirate, underground,squatters radio. We playing our program every tuesday from 4pm till 7pm.In Amsterdam You can listen us in the ether 88.3 FM and ewerywhere else on
If You would like to listen some from our old programs and read description for them go to:
if You would like listen,download or embed some of our old issues go to:

Invitation to our program Awakening in radio patapoe 88.3fm
To all positive organizations &
To whom it may concern,

If you would like to come to on our show called awakening to talk about, ecology, squatting, local politics, food, animal rights you are more than welcome.
The show is streamed through radio patapoe 88.33FM every Tuesday from 16:00-18:30. Please write first telling us what you would like to talk about and the time that you would like to to start. Give us at least one week in advance.

Kind regards,
Ps: There are also possibilities to make interviews throught phone or skype

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