Tuesday, November 29, 2016

1,000 Standing Rocks

Spirit Of Squatters --

Earth-force meets Money-force at Standing Rock. 

It's cold at dawn. The children run around in the mud and ice. We stand on the shore with the natives here, with a slow drum beating, singing "water" in many languages.  We hold our ground, and the Earth holds us.  The police, look down from the ridge like a long row of Darth Vaders.

The transformation at Standing Rock needs to be carried to many towns and cities.  We must press up against militarized and consumerized citizens at all points, and then convert them to life.  

With extinction accelerating and climate changing, our unusual role is the rush back from North Dakota to New York, to stage Standing Rock in our songs and rituals at the Public Theater. 

Then we meet with the lawyers.  There is always a trial coming up.  We have one in Iowa.  I preached too close to a party of Monsanto and Bayer executives.  We have one back here in New York City, where Savitri locked arms in the doorway of a Senator who passively backs the Spectra pipeline. 

Can we pull citizens across the border between death and life? Will you make a donation to help us continue our work in 2017?

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Reverend Billy Talen



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