Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BREAKING: Canada's commercial seal slaughter has begun.


Posted By: PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (campaign leader)

BREAKING: Canada's commercial seal slaughter has begun. 

Make your urgent gift now to help us get another step closer to ending the killing of baby seals and other animals for their skins.

Even after they lose their white baby fur, they're still babies. Young seals spend their first days relying on their mothers in order to gain weight as they learn to swim and survive off Canada's Atlantic coast. Left to thrive in the wild, these young seals can live for more than 30 years as part of a large, social colony.

But that idyllic life has been replaced with a nightmare: Canada's commercial seal slaughter, a massacre in which tens of thousands of baby seals will be shot, bludgeoned, and sometimes even skinned alive has begun. Ten years ago, about 355,000 seals were killed. But we've been working hard, and last year, it was 35,000—the lowest number in two decades.

We're making progress toward stopping the slaughter: Every year, fewer and fewer seals are killed. But we need your help to end it—or many more babies will die.

Your gift will help us save young seals and other animals from a terrifying, painful death for their skins. Make your donation to PETA today!

In coming weeks, these dear seals—most between the ages of 3 weeks and 3 months—will be barbarically slaughtered for their skin. Sealers will shoot and bludgeon the defenseless youngsters with crude clubs called "hakapiks"—thick wooden bats with a sharp metal hook on one end. We have sent hakapiks to the media so that there can be no doubt how barbaric they are. Many seals won't die after the first blow, and they'll thrash and scream in pain in front of other terrified seals who will meet the same fate.

With your help, we've been hard at work to put the brakes on the skins trade by doing the following:

  • Pressuring the Canadian government to stop subsidizing the slaughter: Having ended trade in sealskins in Europe and Russia and continuing to keep China closed as a market, we're now calling on new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government to stop wasting millions in Canadian taxpayer dollars propping up the dying commercial sealing industry. 
  • Using powerful demonstrations to educate and motivate the public: From protests outside government offices in Ottawa to having a PETA "seal" trail the prime minister during state visits in the U.S. and other countries, our work is keeping up international pressure to end this senseless stain on Canada's image, and the prime minister's office is taking note.

The tide is turning, and we're moving ever closer to ending the seal slaughter—but we need as much support as our members can muster. 

Donate today and help protect the thousands of baby seals and other animal victims of the global skins trade. 

We've seen significant progress over the last couple of years, and growing pressure on the new government in Ottawa could soon signal a turning point in this important campaign. I know that, together, we can bring about an end to the horrific commercial seal slaughter someday soon. 

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