Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our gamble. Rev Billy

2015 on my mind. Our gamble: that street activism can be entertaining and spiritual. We pursued this riddle again this year as the world sank further into its sad ecocide.  We are a small, frugal non-profit group whose job is to inspire nonviolent dramatic action for the Earth - in young coming-up activists and old Lefties who thought their activist days were over but now must come alive again!  You can see that hundreds of thousands have watched our actions and listened to the voices of our singing activists.

The culture will flip to the issues of survival.  The Earth will re-assert its position. Movies and video games will be about eco-systems. The cliff-hanger plot that you can't take your eyes off of is evolution - is life! 

Will you make a tax-deductible donation? Will you join our steadfast Holy Rollers who donate monthly?

We keep making songs, books, teachings...with humor and grand music. We want to help the change come. Oh and its gonna come!




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