Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Don't bomb Syria! demonstration this saturday 13.00 at the Jonas-Daniel Meijerplein

Ten years after the attack on Iraq the US is preparing an attack on Syria. According to the Americans the attack is a punishment for the usage of chemical weapons. But even if Assad was the one to use chemical weapons, the American response is at least very selective. During the week of the chemical attack it became clear that the US had allowed it's former ally Iraq to use chemical weapons against Iran. It has allowed Israel to use chemical weapons against the Palestinians and it has used white phosphorus in Iraq.

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Proponents of military intervention argue we have to do 'something'. But it's never useful to throw gasoline on a burning house. Every form of intervention will only help to increase the suffering in Syria. And western intervention will also increase the chance for the conflict to spread throughout the region.

The Netherlands has not yet taken a stance on military intervention. But through the Dutch Patriot installations near the Turkish-Syrian-border we risk involvement in another war. Therefore we call upon everyone to voice their opposition to military intervention:

- No to foreign intervention
- No Dutch support for attacks on Syria
- Pull back the Patriot rockets from Turkey
- Unlimited acceptance of Syrian refugees

To support these demands we are organising a demonstration this saturday in Amsterdam. The demonstration starts at 13.00 at the Jonas-Daniel Meijerplein. From there we walk through the Blauwbrug, Amstel, Vijzelstraat and Vijzelgracht to the Museumplein. The end of the demonstration is in front of the American Consulate.

The demonstration is specifically aimed against any form of military intervention. We don't take a stance in favour of or against the regime of Assad. That's why we strongly ask people to leave banners and signs for or against Assad at home.

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