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Demonstration 'National Duckies Front' in Den Bosch

Demonstration 'National Duckies Front' in Den Bosch
Rebelact - 24.05.2009 16:34

Simultaneously with the NVU (Dutch neo-nazi party) also the 'National Duckies Front' demonstrated Saturday, May 23rd in Den Bosch. Along the route the members of this new movement called to fight for the Dutch duckies: "Too many birds from abroad, like hirons and storks just fly and cross the borders of our countrie! Without any controle! This has to be stopped! Right now!!".

Nederlandse vertaling volgt / Dutch translation will follow

The clowns from the 'National Duckies Front' not only greeted with loud "quack quack quack's!", but also with a half stretched arm gesture looking like a duckie: "Duckies Unity!!!". Also the Pruisan march (with streched legs) has been exercised successfully.

In response to the NVU call against casino capitalism and plutocracy the clowns made statements about the far bigger danger of 'Flamingo-capitalism' and the 'Pinocracy': In the last couple of years more flamingo's are entering the Dutch zoo's. These ugly, pink birds from abroad are the real threat! Especially for the Dutch duckies! Also Pino (stupid bird from Sesamstreet) has to be deportated! That's why we say: Stop the 'Pinocracy'! Immediately!

The clowns already got company from police motor drivers after walking just 50 mtrs on the streets. They warned them not to go to the square (Leonardo Da Vinciplein) where the NVU demonstration should start. That's why they walked to the corner of the Onderwijsboulevard and Leeghwaterlaan - which should be reached by the NVU demonstration shortly after leaving the square. There other people from the police checked the I.D.'s from the clowns and they warned: "You'll be arrested when the demonstration will pass by if you're still here".

So, it was about time to start an own demonstration by using the megaphone and shouting lines about the threats about foreign birds entering the Dutch borders and the position of the Dutch duckie who has to be protected strongly.
It looked like if the people from the neighbourhood understood our message very well. Some of them even applauded. A car driver passed by with his thumb up.

After a while the NVU demonstration passed by with police blocking roads. We could only walk a few hundred mtrs into the other direction - waiting for the final greet. As clowns we enjoyed the beautiful weather and killed the time with some extra marching in a Pruisan way and a few other speaches (sometimes very loudly in German).
Not everyone agreed: a woman from the neighbourhoud borrowed the megaphone to say: "Birds from abroad are just welcome!". A saying the National Duckies Front off course completely disagrees.

The rebel clowns ended their argument in favour of the Dutch duckie at the Station square. When they finally left around 3.30 pm they were surprised with a scene looking like an American crime movie: in the Brugstreet several police vans drove very fast into the direction of a group of tens of protesters, together with a civil police car and several undercover police guys on the streets. A short scene with running police and clowns came to a clownclusion: 5 clowns and 1 other person have been arrested. (Total amount of the day: more than 40).

After being held in a large bus with very narrow cells for 5 sweaty hours without fresh air and any food 4 of 5 clowns were released around 8.30 pm. Sundaymorning, May 24th the last remaining clown was free shortly before 12 pm.

The National Duckies Front is looking forward to the future moment the judge will hear a statement about why the Dutch (only the Dutch!) duckies have to be protected against the big dangers from the outside world - especially these nasty birds from abroad!

Pictures will follow.

The rebel clowns were arrested for 'inciting'. (and 1 of them was kept longer to see if he should be here 'illegally').

About the police van (see pictures): the clown with purple hair and cap was locked in a very narrow 1 person cell. In the back of the van is also a bigger space for more people.

The van drove to the policestation (Vogelstraat 41). There the situation was: cells in the building were already loaded with other people. Unclear if they used them all. All clowns and several other people have been kept there in a larger police bus (many of them more than 5 hours). Inside the bus there are (as far we know) several very narrow cells for 1 person and a bit bigger cells for 2 persons.
Sitting on the fixed chair in these cells you can't stretch your legs. If they close the small hatch in the door (wath they did with some of them) you'll get problems with inadequate air. Then the cell is completely closed.

Dangerous: no working bell for people in the cells (toilet, water, health problems, etc.). Radio 538 was played loudly in every cell; the reason police (who was outside the bus) couldn't hear you.
Risks: if you should have been claustrohobic or depressed: one (or more?) of the cells had a sharp (broken) former ashtray. You've to take many items off before entering (belt, shoes, etc.) - but this what they offer you inside!

The police station has been called (from outside) about people keeping that way so long. First response: "There are no people kept in the bus". Second response: "Just a few are kept that way".
Reality: the bus was loaded with many people (10 - 15?). Almost everyone (who was locked in the bus) has been kept there till they were released in the night.

The clowns disdn't get summons when they were released. Looking forward to see the postman later?!

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Nationaal Eendjes Front
Nationaal Eendjes Front

Hier de foto's....
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De Pruisische mars
De Pruisische mars

Applaus voor het Nationaal Eendjes Front
Applaus voor het Nationaal Eendjes Front

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