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Awakening7 interviews witch United Against racism

In this issue interview witch Imane from organization UNITED against racism, and on the end ABC Demonstranta in polish

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UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees

The largest pan-European anti-racism network of more than 560 organisations from 46 countries: UNITED to promote the rights of refugees, minorities & migrants

* An end to racism, fascism, nationalism & discrimination
* Equal Rights for All!
* Respect for Diversity!
* Open Borders - Open Minds!

* Sharing good practices to learn from each other's experiences
* Cooperating across national and cultural borders
* Promoting solidarity between a wide variety of unique organisations
* Respecting individual opinions
* Accepting diversity to make our multicultural societies work

* Europe-wide campaigns:
- Action Week Against Racism around 21st March
- International Refugee Day on 20th June
- International Day Against Fascism & Antisemitism on 9th Nov.
- Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe, the list documenting refugee deaths since 1993
* International conferences - to create a platform for anti-racist activists
* Info-Point - to support and inform the movement
* Lobby - to make our voices heard
* Information system - to efficiently reach 8000 stakeholders across Europe

What is the UNITED network?

SUPPORTERSinfoposter united (front)
Linked through UNITED, hundreds of organisations work together on a voluntary basis. Everyone is welcome to take part in any of the activities initiated by UNITED, but no-one is forced. Each action is prepared by an ever changing international planning group with members drawn from the network organisations across Europe.

All of the organisations are unique, but there are many aims which they have in common and areas where they can agree on combined actions. UNITED seeks active cooperation with other initiatives against racism and other forms of discrimination in Europe.

UNITED is, and always will, remain independent of any political party, organisation or state. That is why financial contributions are sought from a wide range of independent supporting organisations, foundations, individuals, national ministries, the Council of Europe and the Commission of the European Union. All activities of UNITED have preferably more than one sponsor.

infoposter united (front)AWARENESS
Constant contact with the television, radio and printed media raises the wider public's awareness of important issues. This is vital in giving proper recognition to the organisations' actions and in promoting the aims of the UNITED network. UNITED PR-material and posters are distributed all over Europe since 1992.

A conscious decision was taken to keep the secretariat small and efficient. The workers are in constant contact with the network organisations, ensuring that information and proposals for action are transmitted rapidly. Information is received regularly from more than 2500 organisations and mailings are sent all over Europe, to 2400 groups by post and to over 8000 by E-News.

Why does UNITED exist?

Racism, nationalism, fascism, discrimination, asylum policies... all of them have a European dimension even though they often may look like purely national issues. Reports from all over Europe demonstrate the increasing dangers facing migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities. These dangers are often increased by undemocratic intergovernmental decisions such as the Schengen Treaty. Strangely enough racist and fascist organisations have strong European links from Portugal to Russia, from Sweden to Italy. "Fortress Europe" needs to be fought at local, regional and European levels - it cannot be fought on one level alone.

This is why the participants of two anti-racist European youth seminars deci-ded to set up the UNITED network in 1992. Bringing together such a wide variety of organisations is difficult work - but necessary to increase the effectiveness of campaigns and information-sharing across Europe.

European-wide campaigns, action weeks, etc. do not just happen by themselves. UNITED conferences are designed to enable the network organisations to make concrete plans and discuss common strategies.
We work better with people we know!

Like-minded organisations can find each other through UNITED and go on to work on specific projects together. Organisations with similar concerns (for instance refugee organisations or anti-racist telephone hotlines) set up working links within UNITED.

Who are UNITED's network organisations?

They are active organisations engaged in the fight against racism, fascism and nationalism and in support of migrants and refugees. They share ideas and work together to put them into practice. A good example here would be the "Open Borders - Open Minds!" campaign. Refugee and other UNITED network organisations combined forces to put pressure on governments through coordinated actions such as demonstrations, protest to ministries and info stands. The idea was born at a UNITED conference.

At recent UNITED conferences participating organisations came from all over Europe: from Norway (Norwegian PeopleÕs Aid) to Moldova (Youth Helsinki CitizenÕs Assembly), from Slovakia (People Against Racism) to Spain (Movimento Contra Intolerancia), from Serbia (Queeria-Center for Promoting Nonviolence & Equality) to Poland (Never Again Association) and to Russia (Centre for Interethnic Coope-ration). Some organisations support the network as part of their broader work; especially international youth organisations such as Service Civil International or the European Union of Jewish Students.

The UNITED network organisations receive

Every two months UNITED publishes the Calendar of Internationalism containing details of campaigns, actions, seminars with dates and contact data.

The European Address Book Against Racism is updated each year and contains addresses of over 2000 organisations active in the field.

Practical help in fundraising, organising campaigns, etc. Posters and other material produced by UNITED and the network organisations are distributed at various intervals.

Access to information, support, contacts, advice and the possibility to participate in the most exciting and effective network in Europe!
UNITED can also offer a print run of labels from its mailing list.

How can we get involved?

Discuss the ideas and aims of the UNITED network within your own organisation. Let us know that you would like to join or receive information. Complete the subscription form (see page 6 or on the UNITED site) and mail it to UNITED Ð simple! And add UNITED to your mailing list! Contact our secretariat - we speak English, German, French, Italian and Dutch.

UNITED for Intercultural Action
European network against nationalism, racism, fascism
and in support of migrants and refugees
Postbus 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands
phone +31-20-6834778, fax +31-20-6834582,,

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