Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apel Anti-nuclear action alliance

Apel Anti-nuclear action alliance

Dear friends, comrades and anti-nuclear activists

As an “Anti-nuclear action alliance”, we want to organize a legal demonstration in Zurich on a Saturday between 29.11.08 and 20.12.08 (concrete date is going to be fixed soon).

Main topic of the demo: against the building of two new nuclear power stations in Switzerland and abandoning nuclear energy worldwide. Nuclear energy means war!

A wide action alliance is organizing the demo, which shall be a chance to call people’s attention to this topic. Also, the day of the demo shall be an international action day against nuclear energy and power stations. We’re sending a call to many other countries, so that there will take place a lot of different activities worldwide.

We invite you, to join the action alliance and prepare a wide protest together. You can contact us at anti.akw w .

With solidary regards,

Anti-nuclear action alliance

Climate is changing – War is staying

More than a hundred years, we’re living in a nuclear age with all its horrors. The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 are only the tip of the iceberg; nuclear incidents like 1979 the almost-MCA (maximum credible accident) in a nuclear power station in Harrisburg (USA) or the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 (Ukraine) are only the most known incidents. Such fatal disasters brought and still bring death and illness for people and an incredible destruction of nature, caused by radioactive radiation, which takes thousands of years to degrade. The mighty of the world, foremost the Nuclear Mafia, is still adhering to this killing development and gets rich at it. Nuclear energy was also developed as a martial weapon in the arms race of the superpowers.

It’s high time we break with this dangerous technology definitely, back out of the nuclear energy programme (in its civil as well as in its military use) and close all nuclear power stations all over the world - there are enough, already highly-developed alternatives. The Nuclear Mafia goes as far as to affirm, that nuclear power is environmentally friendly, ethical and economical worthwile. We all know that these are lies, preached by those, who turn the earth into a dump for their capitalist, profit-driven interests. To stop all these mentioned examples, there’s the need for an orientation of society as a whole. Everyone is talking about climate change; it’s obvious that the combustion of fossil fuels induced the climate change and that we have to act now!

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