Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Video activism workshop for kids



In our workshop together with you children it may be possible to help change for the better the way in which people live in this world.Together we will discuss serious issues that not only affect us but affect animals and affect our beautiful Planet called Mother Earth.

Main aim and purpose of giving this workshop is for children to have an understanding of issues such as-

Video Activism
Fair Trade
Organic Food

The workshop is spread over 4 weeks. We will meet once a week on a Wednesday for 2 hours. Here is a list of the topics that we will cover:

What is Video Activism?
Why is Video Activism important during these times?
How do I use a video camera?
Watch video or film clips
Creating Scenarios
Creating projects
Question and Answer sessions

At the end of the workshop children should have basic knowledge about video activism, fair trade, organic food and vegetarianism. The children will work together in small groups to solve or demonstrate a problem. And together we will make a film which will help to change the world for better ( Hoply)

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