Thursday, June 7, 2018

Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me. Part 1

This is one of the best piece what i ever wrote. It is interesting that it happen in very challenging time for me. I just let the divine inspiration flow through me. 

Inspired by book "Conversations with Good" Book 3 " An uncommon dialogue. 

Dedicated to my beloved, who is challenging me like never before :)

This is Relationship book with Goddess and God within me and outside of me. 

I love you as much as possible. When I would influence to love yourself more there, would more love be circulating between us in Yoniverse. The same when I would learn how to love my self more I would be able to love you more. That's why the highest purpose of life is to learn how to love and just love. On all possible levels: Sexual, Relationship, Intellectual and Spiritual. That's why is so important to share that love, that wisdom to the others. When they know, when they use it than more of that energy circulate not only for them but also for us, for all universe. That's why, when we make love in the  tantric way, without losing energy but making it circulate, we don't only make love to ourselves, to our partners. We make love to whole universe. We create abundance of love , what is just natural to share. You're my mirror, reflection of my inner Goddess within me. Thank you for teaching me all those lessons, for communicating to me. Thankful that, I may know my other half, what was suppressed through generations. thankful you, I may learn about her. Thankful you I may heal her as well. Thankful you I may liberated her. I may give you a space and in the same time I give her space.... that's what she needs right now I guess. I may trust you, her myself and your, my and our process. I want to love you more, to love her more. When more love may circulate between us, than this may reflect inside of us. When we love our masculine and feminine, than, we create more harmonious couple inside of us. What inside may reflect outside. And vice versa. What outside may reflect what is inside. We may learn so much from it, so much from each other energies. Just we have to be aware about this. Now You are :)
My inner man may learn all this as well. He may teach your inner man, who like my inner woman was suppressed through generations. Now they may learn from each other. They may be like a brothers or rather best friends. Is it not beautiful ? 
Love is beautiful. We just have to allow it to flow as much as possible. 
Commit to remove the barriers, heal the limitations, build up the trust, liberate into more and more life with passion. 
Create more and more heaven on Earth. Here and now
For ourselves = for others
Thank you all my mirrors. 
I love you as I love my self

Michal Kali Griks

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