Friday, October 27, 2017

DOGS are being CRIPPLED and ABUSED at Texas A&M University


Posted By: PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (campaign leader)

Right now, loyal and kind golden retrievers are suffering at Texas A&M University.

Disturbing footage obtained by PETA shows bone-thin dogs bred with canine muscular dystrophy housed in barren metal cells. They can barely walk (even balancing is difficult), and they struggle to swallow thin gruel—the only food that they can eat, given how swollen their tongues are and how easily they choke. Long ropes of saliva hang from many dogs' mouths because their jaw muscles have weakened so severely.

To gauge how much a dog's muscles have deteriorated, experimenters invented a crude technique that could pass for medieval torture: repeatedly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the animals with a motorized lever that damages their muscles.

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What may be worst of all is that Texas A&M experimenters are deliberately breeding dogs to be sick.

These barbaric experiments have been conducted for more than 30 years and have failed to offer a cure or even an effective intervention for muscular dystrophy in humans after all that time.

The dogs in the breeding facility, who carry the gene but don't have the disease, frantically pace on slatted floors in frustration and bite the bars of the small cages that confine them. They're denied even the comfort of a blanket.

Sadly, this kind of cruelty isn't limited to Texas A&M. At Alfort National Veterinary School in France, many dogs never even reach adulthood. Some are completely crippled before the age of 6 months. Half endure agonizing deaths before they are just 10 months old.

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There are better ways to help patients with muscular dystrophy, a terrible disease. Cutting-edge technology—such as using skeletal muscle stem cells and cells from human patients with the condition—are leading to more promising therapies without hurting animals.

After PETA released video footage showing helpless dogs being abused, compassionate people flooded Texas A&M with e-mails and phone calls. I believe in the power of PETA—and caring supporters like you—to make a difference for these dogs and many more animals who are suffering at the hands of cruel experimenters. Through determined activism, we've repeatedly shut down decades-long experiments like those being conducted in Texas.

With your commitment, we will see this campaign through until we succeed. We depend on the support of monthly contributors like you to help even more animals in need.

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Thank you in advance for your urgently needed help.


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