Thursday, July 2, 2015

Heat wave in the westpoort Amsterdam, ADM outreach project!! zibabu, bucket boyz, ADM in juli

Hellloh sweet people on this hopefully not to annoying maillinglist.

There's lots happening all of a sudden. Seems like when it's to chill out people decide to start organizing lots of things. We can miss out on that. First of all the ADM is under threat of eviction. The owner finally after 18 years decides that he/it want's to do something with our home/livelihood/oasis. We won;'t let this happen so we're planning different ways of keeping our little squatted village ours. One way you can help is by signing our petition.

Do it!!!!!!!

Now for a long/short agenda of awesome stuff to see and do.

Tonight Thursday 2 juli Bucket boyz @ Climate Camp
All week there will be workshops, actions, nice people, and nice music in the evening.
We play at 21:00

Friday 3 juli Keko yoma, Skampida, the Balcony players @ ADM
Great latinskarockreggeafolkklezmir dance your ass off bands.
Dinner at 19:00
Concert @ 21:00

Zatersag 4 july Zibabu/Bucket boyz @ Gezi Festival rotterdam
nice little festival commemorating and celebrating the Gezi resistance in turkey. All day long.
zibabu 22:00
bucket boyz a pit everywhere.

Sunday 5 July No surrender and Mud city trash daddies @ Climate camp
Don't surrender (rock n'roll, Fr)
Mud city trash daddies (ska reagge stinky legends, Nl)
21:00 bands start

Wednesday 8 Juli Berk @ Einde van de wereld
Berk at a poetry night solo or with any body that wants to join.
Great restaurant food served at 19:00
show starts at 20:30
Javakade 61 Amsterdam

Friday 10 Juli Bucket boyz @ Wasted festival
Festival about recycling and all that junk.
Bucket boyz are planned at 21:30
Ticket are free but you have to sign in or something check the website.

Sunday 12 Juli Bucket boyz @ de Kaaij
Lindenberghaven 1c, Nijmegen

Saterday 18 JUli Bucket boyz @ Nomads Gathering
Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

See you hopefully soon and enjoy the warm bier and sunburns.
sweaty love from the Amsterdam swamps.

P.S 14th of juli the bucket boyz are going to do some recording in a fancy studio. So if you think we have to change or record a song or what not tell us soon before the world has to listen to the way we see the world forever.

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