Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can one young person change climate change?

Dear friends,

Avaaz Climate Action Factories have been set up to urgently kick-start stalled global climate negotiations - and they're working! World leaders are taking notice, but without additional funds, these live-in warehouses of highly skilled youth advocates will be forced to close in a month. Donate now to keep them open and together we'll secure a binding climate deal in Copenhagen this December!

Delivering a global climate petition to UK PM Gordon Brown.

Stripping for the climate at the G8 in Italy.

Targeting Merkel and Obama at the Brandenburg gate.

Successfully demanding a green recovery on Capitol Lawn in Washington DC.
As the world heads to the final UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December, global talks to stop the climate crisis are stalling. The leaders of the biggest polluting countries are refusing to cut carbon emissions enough to avert catastrophe.

One big reason: these leaders are besieged daily by lobbyists from the powerful oil and coal industries. To counter them, we urgently need to field our own relentless and spirited lobbying effort.

We can't afford to hire corporate lobbyists, but we might do even better. Avaaz has recruited dozens of talented and experienced youth leaders to work day and night in key capitals to press leaders to avert the climate crisis - and they're already having a major global impact. It costs just $50 per day ($5 per hour) to support one climate activist to passionately organize stunts, phone calls, press visits and other actions to convey all our voices where it matters most. We urgently need at least 5000 Avaaz members to keep the action factories going until the December summit by adopting and funding a youth activist for just an hour or a day. Click to pitch in:

The global movement to confront climate change needs an emergency infusion of passion, energy, and nimble, politically-focused action. This effort is designed to unleash one key source of renewable political energy: the youth climate movement. And it's working!

So far, 37 talented youth leaders have spent their summer waking hours on this effort. They've personally lobbied Gordon Brown, been a constant presence in the halls of the US Congress, staged Obama and Merkel superhero stunts at the Brandenburg Gate, helped impact Japan's climate targets and made front pages of major news media around the world. Now, it's up to us to continue feeding them, renting work space, and buying their train tickets so they can go wherever they're needed most -- all the way to December's major climate summit. Click here to donate:

There are just five months left until the long-awaited final world summit on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark in December. This is the big moment - either our leaders will agree to a fair, ambitious and binding global treaty that sets tough legal limits on carbon pollution for each country, or they will fiddle while the planet burns. Youth movements have played a key role in progressive change throughout history, let's help unleash their power to take on the oil and coal lobbyists and reach our leaders with a voice of urgency and conscience.

With hope and determination,

Brett, Iain, Taren, Ricken, Anna, David, Sarah, Leon, Kalen and the rest of the Avaaz and Climate Action factory teams


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