Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Other climate camps around the world so lot of to do in holidays

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Climate Camp Denmark -

KlimaCamp09 is colorful mixture of summer camps, festivals, workshops, art, culture, music and climate activism. Combined, it will bring a new angle to the climate crisis, where the alternatives will be both explored, discussed and put into use. It is going to be a camp which aims to give all the participants a feeling of being part of a local solution to a global challenge.

In Copenhagen, from July 11-19, you will be able to participate in the process of achieving a more sustainable way of life. Come and experience performance, culture and art with a focus on the climate. Participate in and help shape over 100 workshops, debates, excursions and other projects.


Camp Climat France –

Activists campaigning against the proposed construction of a new airport 16 kilometers north of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique, 44) have announced a climate camp from the 3 - 9 August. The basic principles of the autonomous camp are: a minimal ecological footprint, strong local links, strong media impact, educational activities and exchanges, development of networks, and communal living with food at prix libre (contribute as you can afford). The camp forms part of a week of resistance at the site with a music festival on the 1 August, and an annual local picnic on the 2 August.


Climate Camp Scotland –

This summer - as those in power once again place the economy over planet and people - we're building a movement that is prepared to do what it takes to radically resist the growing threats of climate change, ecocide and corporate fascism.

We understand that a radical analysis of our society is necessary for effective resistance. So in order to extend and discuss this analysis we're putting on: Boiling Over - Scotland's Gathering for Climate Action between 11th-14th June in Glasgow and an info tour throughout the summer.

We need to take urgent action to address this disaster. So that's what we're going to do. We're going to set up camp somewhere around the Forth Estuary between 3rd-10th August and use it as a base for direct action.


Climate Camp Cymru (Wales) –

Supporting the campaign to stop the Ffos-y-Fran open cast coal mine, Climate Camp Cymru will take place in South Wales from August 13-16. Four days of sustainable living, workshops and direct action to face up to the root causes of climate change in Wales.


Climate Camp Ireland -

Climate camp is for anyone who cares about climate change and wants to do something real about it. We are organizing a camp, to take place from August 15 - 23, where people who are concerned about climate change can gather, live, learn and take action together. We believe it's time to stop the damaging policies of our government and climate polluting industries in Ireland - peat cutting and burning, coal burning, our transport dominated by cars, airport expansion plans and unnecessary emissions from agriculture. We believe it's time to tackle the root causes of climate change. We want to explore the solutions, and we want to live them.


Climate Camp UK –

In 2009 Climate Camp is hitting the city, concentrating on the underlying cause of climate change, airport expansion and coal-fired power stations: our economic system. We camped at the G20 in London on April 1st, and we're still keeping a close eye on E.ON & Kingsnorth. In the Summer we'll be pitching our tents in a city again, and come December we'll be making sure that the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen becomes the hottest topic in town.

Every Camp for Climate Action event weaves four key themes: education, direct action, sustainable living, and building a movement to effectively tackle climate change both resisting climate crimes and developing sustainable solutions.

Everybody is welcome, so hopefully see you there. August 27 – September 2.


Climate Camp South Australia

September 9th, Port Augusta:

Climate Camp New Zealand/Aeotearea -

Right now people are coming together to tackle the crisis of climate change by creating a Climate Camp in New Zealand – to explore the problems and challenges we face, to share ideas, skills, education, enthusiasm and most importantly to act now! The camp is not just a single event. It's part of an ever growing movement of diverse people who are alive to the fact that radical changes are essential and are making them happen. It is not about the experts, nor the governments, but about us. The necessary solutions already exist; we just need to put them into practice. Dates and location to be announced.

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