Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conference about crisis in Amsterdam on December 13.

Conference in Amsterdam on December 13.

The economical crisis is starting to hit the ground. Public authorities
and governing parties take unprecedented (and expensive!) measures to
support the financial system. So far leftish organisations in the
Netherlands haven't responded much, while the consequences will be
serious and the crisis will deepen further.

In the meantime this crisis is giving opportunities to criticise the
current economical system and to present and start fundamentally
different alternatives.

So it is time to think about our answers and to discuss them.

For this reason we are organising a conference about this issue on
Saturday December 13 in Amsterdam.

The programme starts at 11 and contains some information about the
background of the crisis, some estimation of the consequences and a
discussion about the positions taken by different left-wing
organisations in the Netherlands.

The day will end with the call to form working groups on different
themes for future activities.

The conference will be in Dutch but you can expect a 'translation

There will also be catering by the 'coswecan collective' and books from
bookshop Fort van Sjakoo.

Location: HTIB, 1e Weteringplantsoen 2c, Amsterdam
Time: 11.00-18.00

Soon you can find a more detailed programme on

The conference is organised by Voor de Verandering, XminY
Solidariteitsfonds, TNI, Ander Europa, Klasse! en A SEED.

In the evening there is a benefit party for the newspaper Klasse! at
OCCI, Amstelveenseweg 134 Amsterdam (starting at 21.00 hours, 5,-)

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