Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some ideas for strategy for squatting movement

1. Don't panic = stay positive

Life and politics are two different things. The law to squat empty places are not given by politicians but fought by people. Banning the squatting could politicize our movement. People will fight with more passion when they realise what they will miss. What does not kill us will make us just stronger. If the emptiness & speculations exist then squatting will exist. In The Netherlands there are people who need a home & the government will not be able to stop them at some point because everybody need a house. You can't stop a waterfall.

Now is a critical moment in the squatting movement. We seem to be loosing in parliament but we are still winning in the society & that is most important and here we should put our focus. Not just for us but for the other people. They too willneed us soon. Who knows how soon. Even children can see that politicians, businessmen, speculators and house owners would like ton push out not rich people out of the city's. It's happening now everywhere in Holland. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, den Haag, Harlem, Nijmegen etc...etc...All for yuppies and others with pockets felt with lots of money. We are the last barricade ( or first ? ), we are the first example, active resistance, and we are showing that we will not let them to kick us out. No way !!! No pasaran !!!

That's why we should do as much as possible for our squatting movement HERE & NOW. Later could be to late, because if we will lose our free places, we would not have space to create good things any more, we would not have this precious time to do voluntary works and running the other projects. I know that many of us is busy with ecology, human and animal rights, studying, art, family's etc...etc... I'm not saying to live those things and be busy just with squatting. Lets just show to everyone that we have possibility to run those projects because we have possibility to squat. Lets show to the whole world what we are busy with thankfully to squatting movement.

Lets start campaign to show positive sides of squatting movement.

This my list of ideas :

1. Open days on every active squats and legalized squatted places

2. Banners on every legalized and not legalized squats. The same what years before " Made thankful squatting movement"

3. make banners, signs, for places, organizations, web pages, people etc... " Supported by squatting movement

4 Call people to wear the black ribbon as sign of solidarity and sympathy with squatters. Give it to everyone who You know and who would came to our activity's ( open days etc...)

5. Exhibition's about good side's of movement ( see museum post, white book of squatters etc...)

6. Permanent wall news paper which will :

a) open our ideas for more people.

b) inform them what's going on

c) Spread our point of view which ...

d) will stop main stream media to lie about us

7. Kick off demo like Dam sleeping action (maybe this time we can organize it more as show off our activity's than party )

8. Caravan of squatting actions around many city's in Holland ( already started, more about on this pages probably)

9. Use the media before they will use You. Invite them to everything what You will going to do. There is squatters press group who could help You and there is a lot of media attention at the moment, who just waiting for our invitation.

10. Be the media. radio Patapoe, Vrije Keyzer Tv, Grachten krant, indymedia and others just waiting for Your positive info or massage

11. More posters everywhere to show the truth !

12. Participate actively in any demo and activity for squatting movement

13. Do something, be active, make Your own idea, put them into life. Realize, Act, Organize, Win !!!

14. Lets meet. Together we are stronger. Together we can achieve much more. Together we are power !!!

Where ? When ? any proposals ? Everything is good if soon.

Thats are just ideas. Feel free to correct , translate, complete them, add to them something, give opinion and do something to put them in to life.

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